Uganda Safari Guide

Uganda safari guide is the key to unlocking all the doors to the wondrous natural environment kept inside to remote areas of Uganda, and, perhaps, also in the small beautiful tourist towns with in the country. Many authors have come up with ideas of travel guides to Uganda, however, the best guide to Uganda safaris it your knowledge of the destination. Not only for Uganda but also other destinations in East Africa and Africa as a whole require a good safari. This helps the visitors to fully prepare for their safaris. A good safari guide also helps travelers to get a glimpse of the destinations of choice.

Uganda Safari Guide

Uganda is one of the best tourist destinations in the central and east African region with a number of destinations ranging from towns and cities to national parks in the rural areas of the countryside. A good Uganda safari guide should be able to explain the different destinations and the activities associated with them. This provides the visitor with a wide knowledge of the destination and the different activities, plus accommodation facilities and other aspects of a ready tourism destination; the travel mix.


Uganda is one of the most beautiful destinations in African with quite a collection of natural resources on which the tourism industry of Uganda leans. In fact, the uniqueness of Uganda as a destination lies in the power of the natural resources it is blessed with. The thick natural forests like Kibale national park, Budongo forest, kaniyo pabidi forest, act as the home of the primates in the country. Kibale national park holds the largest population of primates on the African continent, and it would not be a wrong idea to be called the primate capital.

Most chimpanzee tracking safaris are conducted in kibale forest national park, Budongo forest and kaniyo pabidi in the north. However, kibale forest national park is the best primate destination in Uganda for chimpanzee activities, such as chimpanzee tracking and chimpanzee habituation. Kibale national park holds the largest population of chimpanzees in East Africa with over 1400 individuals; the population of the chimpanzees in kibale national park is progressive and also other primate species totaling to 12 species.

The primate safaris in Uganda are ranked the best in Africa; this is so because Uganda still upholds the real authenticity of natural forests which act as habitats for the most sought after primates of the world. For example, Bwindi impenetrable forest is a natural tropical rain forest that harbors almost half of the world’s mountain gorilla population. Most tourists visit Uganda for mountain gorilla safaris as a core activity, this makes Bwindi the best destination and gorilla safaris the highlight of any Ugandan safari. You can also find the mountain gorilla in mgahinga national park which is also a home for all the golden monkey species in Uganda; it is the only destination for golden monkey tracking in Uganda.

The savannah grasslands in the countryside are the highest concentration of wildlife in Uganda. The grasslands are grazing grounds for the magnificent big five of Africa, including the African elephant, buffaloes, hippos and other herbivores such as zebras, gazelles, Uganda kobs among others.

Queen Elizabeth national park holds the highest number of wild animal species and birds in Uganda. Queen Elizabeth national park sits on a vast area covered by dry savannah grassland and woodlands. The southern part of Queen Elizabeth is a home for the famous tree climbing lions; it is the true definition of wilderness in Africa. Murchison falls National Park is the largest national park in Uganda. Murchison falls is where you find the magnificent Murchison falls; a narrow gorge through which water squeezes to form the most powerful waterfalls in Uganda.

Other natural attractions include the mountains such as mountain rwenzori in Kasese; famously known as the mountain of the moon with a snow-capped summit. Also, mountain Elgon is a good destination for mountaineering activities like climbing and spectacular scenic viewing among others. Islands like Ssese islands, Kalangala and Ngamba Island all in Lake Victoria, attract quite a number of travelers for recreation activities and others.

Rivers like the Nile are also great attractions for the visitors that visit Uganda. For example, the source of the Nile in Jinja is an awesome destination with a lot of historical evidence written in the area. The travelers love bungee jumping at the Nile, Nile white water rafting among other activities.  The source of the Nile is also a good destination to learn about the culture of Africa from the crafts shop and the Basoga cultural dancers among others.


Accommodation is one of the stones on which the destinations, not only Uganda, are built. There are quite a number of accommodation facilities in every established visitor destination in Uganda. All the national parks in Uganda are supplied with a wide range of safari lodges and campsites to fit in every safari budget. The luxury safari lodges are include Mweya safari lodge in queen Elizabeth national park, Chobe and Psafari lodges in Murchison falls national park, silverback lodge in Bwindi impenetrable national park, chimpanzee guest house in kibale national park among others. all the national parks in Uganda and protected areas have well-established UWA accommodation facilities with standard services to enable all the budget travel plans and backpackers.

There are also five-star hotels in different towns in Kampala City and other tourism towns like fort portal and Jinja among others. For example, Sheraton Kampala Hotel is a five-star chain hotel found in the heart of Kampala capital city, Kampala Serena hotel, Protea hotels in Kampala, skys hotel and other fascinating accommodation facilities to soothe your vacation in Uganda.

Tour operators

Uganda is a renowned tourism destination with a lot of tour operators and consultants to help you plan your safari for the best experience. Most of the genuine tour operators and guides are affiliated to the Uganda wildlife authority (UWA); the managing body of all protected areas in Uganda. It is always good to use the local tour operators to help you plan a good Uganda safari. The local travel consultants have the most accurate information about different aspects that will help you plan the best safari in Africa.

You can choose to go with any tour and travel consultant of your choice, but remember to be keen when it comes to choosing a travel consultant or a tour operator to plan for you a safari. The fact that tourism is a free market; free entry and exit, a lot of fraud is expected. Therefore it’s good to stay warned and to avoid that, it’s better to use the local tour operators in Uganda.  And if you are planning on doing a self-planned safari, remember to use some updated and accurate travel maps; Uganda is a developing country and lot keeps on changing. Also remember to follow the rules and regulations in the different destinations to avoid further trouble; in case of any unclear incident, trust the Uganda tourist police. Otherwise, you are most welcome to the pearl of Africa.

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