Uganda travel tips

 Uganda Travel Tips: Uganda is home to a variety and most concentrated diversity of African fauna including endangered gorillas and chimpanzees. Uganda is accessible and affordable. This gives it more of an edge, originality and less predictable, that is not being dangerous but rather excellent opportunities for excitement. Uganda is the real Africa where you find the dirty urban rash of Kampala city crowded at the seams then giving way to rich subsistence farming and small villages. Roads are a bit rough, people are warm and friendly, and some of the thing do not move in accordance to schedule.

Uganda Travel Tips

We are giving you practical knowledge of the things you need to know as you plan to come to Uganda for your safari.

  • To reach Uganda from an international locale, fly to Entebbe, Uganda. Arrive at your chosen hotel via a special hire from the airport to the hotel/site.
  • The modes of transportation in Kampala are boda bodas (motor bike taxis) or special hires (private car/taxi). There are also matatus (the pulic transport option) which is the cheapest but takes the longest.
  • A valid passport and tourist visa are required to enter Uganda.
  • Casual, modest apparel is best in Uganda. If you wear skirts, they should be knee-length or longer. Jeans/trousers and t-shirts are most commonly worn. Button down shirts and tank tops are fine as well. It can get cool in the evenings so a light scarf/jacket or a light sweater is recommended.
  • Flip flops and sandals are most commonly worn. You may want closed-toe shoes for walking around markets, especially during the rainy season. Heels are not practical in Uganda – just bring sturdy, comfortable shoes.
  • Recommended Packing List. Toiletries, bug repellant, sun screen, clothing noted above, sunglasses, swimsuit, rain coat/umbrella, plug converter, hand sanitizer, laptop computer, external hard drive for backing up data, passport, camera and a backpack with a zipper for everyday use.
  • The official languages of Uganda are English and Swahili. Luganda is widely spoken across the country and in Kampala (along with many other African languages).
  • Currency and Banking. The Currency of Uganda is the Shilling (UGS). There are approximately 3500 UGS to $1. If you are bringing cash, US dollars should be ‘big head’ dollars dated 2000 or later. Larger denominations give you a better exchange rate.
  • For safety reasons, it is not recommended that you carry a lot of cash. It is recommended that you obtain currency though ATM machines (there is a wide network that accept Visa, not Mastercard). Credit cards can also be used in many places.


  • Snapping fingers: Not for calling human beings EVER. Usually used to call dogs; it can also be used when one is following along with a musical tune!!
  • Pointing at a person! BAD!! A person is only to point at inanimate objects or animals but never ever at another human being.
  • A raised middle finger moving backwards and forwards means. I want to have sex with you.
  • Our version of a goodbye in the western world (not a wave, but an opening and closing of the fingers over the palm) is meant as a beckoning call, please come here.
  • Water should not be drunk out of the tap. The purchase of bottled water is easily available throughout the country.

There lots of other tips that you need depending on the kind of safari you are doing in Uganda. Seek more information from the tour operator you are booked with.

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