How to Get a Uganda Visa very fast

How to Get a Uganda Visa very fast : Uganda launched the e-Visa applications effective June 1, 2016, and unless one has an e-Visa and a subsequent approval printout, s/he may face problems entering the country. But for now the manual issuance of Visas at the Airport is still possible until further notice. But why would you wait for the hustle of lining up at the airport when you can do this in the comfort of your home?

How to Get a Uganda Visa

Under the recently launched application process, all applicants for all immigration services such as visas, work permits and passes are required to apply and pay online. An electronic notification / authorization will be sent to the applicant before proceeding to the preferred Entry Point e.g. Entebbe International Airport or the nearest Uganda Mission abroad for the visa to be issued.

Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Uganda, you should apply for a visa at least one month before you travel date

You have to get prepared because you will need to complete your online application in just one sitting. Just in case you cannot accomplish this in one sitting, you can save your information and return to edit it later. You will need a copy of your passport biography page, a recent passport photograph, and lastly a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. You are required to upload these. For more information on the exact documents required, visit the Uganda immigration website for detailed information.

The decision taken on your online application will be forwarded to you through email. If the feedback is positive, a letter of approval will be sent as an attachment to an email. You have to print out this travel document (shows barcode) and keep it with your other travel documents.

You have to keep your application number well as you may need it for any follow ups. It has been made possible to pay online for your tourist visa while you go through this approval process. There is however, a 3% fee charged for online payment. This can help you avoid queues at Entebbe International Airport but you can still pay in person when you arrive.

You have to show the printed document with a barcode at any point of entry along with a valid passport at least 6 months validity you will be given your Visa.

Please note that the travel authorization document does not guarantee your entry into Uganda. Travelers have to undergo a secondary form of verification if necessary. If lucky, you will not undergo this secondary process of verification.

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