Uganda’s Aswa – Lolim Game Reserve

Aswa – Lolim Game Reserve is a shadow in the Uganda tourism industry. When it got de-gazetted in 1972, it suddenly lost the little recognition it had got. It hasn’t been easy to revive its name despite being around for some good years. In fact, many citizens are completely ignorant about the existence of this wildlife reserve and they few who heard about it do not know its exact location.

This game reserve sits on the furthest north of Murchison Falls National Park. It was constructed with an aim of providing a strict migration area for wildlife from Murchison Falls National Park in case they got out of their boundaries. This further protected locals because their perimeters were far away from the reserve.

This reserve is situated in the middle of Gulu and the Albert Nile. Along its territory is rivers “Aswa” & “Lolim”, the two names that define the Aswa – Lolim Game Reserve. Game viewing can be good on this reserve on a lucky day. You will get to see some of the animals you would have seen at Murchison Falls National Park easily. However, on days when wildlife wanders back within the boundaries of Murchison Falls National Park, sighting animals here can be quite hard.

In the year 2010, UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) authorized the birth of the Aswa – Lolim Wildlife Association solely with an aim of managing the routes of movement for several wildlife species in the area. This group helps protect the locals because the wildlife gets far out of their reach.

Apparently, Aswa – Lolim Game Reserve is a large group of ranches but the wildlife that wanders in its perimeter is still protected by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Sources say this park could be added to the great Murchison Falls National Park in the near by future. It could be fully open for tourism.

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