Uganda’s Katonga Wildlife Reserve

Katonga Wildlife Reserve; is found in western Uganda traversing the districts of Ibanda and Kamwengye, connecting with River Katonga which flows all the way into Lake Victoria. It covers an average area of about 200 square kilometers about 4 hours from Kampala. It was established as a wildlife reserve in 1998 and ranks high on the list of protected areas and wildlife reserves in Uganda.

This is one of the least know Uganda wildlife reserves and at the mention of it, many are not sure whether it’s even within Uganda! And as such, many tourists have missed out on the opportunity to explore this reserve while on a safari in Uganda as the best way of exploring the Katonga Wildlife Reserve is walking on foot or using a canoe / boat because it’s largely a swampy place and there are hardly any roads that can be accessed by the tourist vehicles.

This is home to more than 30 mammal species including the African Elephant, Uganda kob and water bucks. Notable among the primates include colobus monkeys and the Olive baboons. For birders, Katonga is a hot destination with more than 140 bird species and this has made it a favourite destination for many undertaking birding safaris in Uganda.

The other interesting fact is that this reserve is a habitat for the elusive and rarely observed Sitatunga Antelope which among other wildlife in this reserve were fast decreasing in numbers but in the recent years, the Government and UWA have stepped up efforts to revive Katonga and rid it of poachers and the numbers have started to show promising results as the wildlife is slowly regaining numbers in the game reserve

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