What are some of the cultural places in Uganda : You can choose to do something different from the usual safari that includes game drive, bird watching or gorilla trekking and instead enjoy a Uganda cultural tour. During this unique adventure, you will have an opportunity to unveil Uganda’s hidden history, sites as well as the native people leaving in the different corners of the country. Thanks to the large population of people in the country, there is a diversity of cultural groups each with their unique language, practices and regalia.

During this special cultural tour, you will enjoy sightseeing learn about the untold history of the country, have a personal encounter with the local people and participate in their different cultural ceremonies and practices. You will certainly enjoy this amazing festive holiday with unforgettable memories as you interact with the local people, access a number of places which they traditionally treasure, listen to their local folktales and in some communities enjoy some entertainment in form of traditional songs and lively dances. Below are some of the Cultural sites you can visit our Christmas Cultural Safari in Uganda

The Sezibwa Falls

This beautiful waterfall is another place that is held with great respect and honor among the people of Buganda. The falls are found in the eastern part of this kingdom within Mukono forest. Over the years, this place was frequented by the kings of this kingdom, as the falls are believed to be of great spiritual significance. According to the traditional tales, it is said that Kabaka Mwanga and Kabaka Mutesa II who were both kingdom kings ‘tied’ their twins at this place. Something worth mentioning here is that you will see several people both foreign visitors soaking and bathing in this ‘healing’ water. Besides its cultural importance, this is among the best places in Uganda to enjoy rock climbing.  Other activities to do at this site include enjoying cultural dances and bird watching.

Namugongo Shrine

This is a religious site that attracts millions and millions of people each year coming from all parts of the world as pilgrims every third day of the month of June. Back in 1886, the Uganda martyrs’ shrine is a very vital attraction in Uganda’s history. It is at this site where about twenty two people who had converted to the catholic Christian faith were cruelly killed in respect with the orders that were passed by Kabaka Mwanga II.

This site has been visited by very many prominent personalities including the late Pope John Paul II and recently Pope Francis who came in 2015. Several religious leaders, country presidents among different dignitaries have visited this site. There is a beautiful church, a man made ‘lake’ and a beautifully upgraded outdoor shelter seated in the middle of this ‘lake’ surrounded  this a lot of green and beautiful trees that provide shelter to the pilgrims during prayers. In 1869, these 22 people were canonized.

The Kasubi Tombs

These are located just 5km form the city center of the capital Kampala and they are a royal burial site. These tombs are very important to the people of the Buganda Kingdom as 4 of their former kings were buried within this place. Because of the uniqueness and significance of this place, it is listed among the UNESCO heritage sites. They have a large dome-shaped hut that was built with rids among other local materials and thatched using grass and it is inside here that these ancient kings (locally referred to as kabaka) were buried. For so many year different crucial ceremonies have been conducted here and also several royal and traditional regalia is kept in this place; it will give you an proper insight of Buganda which is among the oldest and the strongest kingdom within this country.

What are some of the cultural places in Uganda
The Kasubi Tombs

Mparo Tombs

These tombs are found along the hoima-masindi road in hoima district. They are a place of great significance among the people of bunyoro kingdom as one of the ancient kings (locally referred to as the Omukama) who was the strongest and most renowned back in time – Omukama Kabarega was buried here.

Karambi Tombs

The Karambi Tombs are found in western Uganda in Fort Portal along the Kasese main-road about 5 km from Kasese town. These tombs are of great significance to the people of Toro kingdom as Kasagama as well as Rukidi III who were powerful former leaders within this kingdom.

Bigo bya Mugenyi

The Bigo bya Mugenyi site is found within the district of Mubende and at this site, you will have an opportunity to see various impressive earthworks which were done mainly by the people of the chwezi dynasty.

Fort in Patiko

Located 32km north of Gulu town of within Patiko sub-county, this beautiful fort was founded by Baker one of the first explorers to visit this country. The fort comprises of a dazzling stone structure and today it stands as a legacy of the great work that Baker did in the fight against slavery within this part of the country.

There are a number of other Cultural Sites that you can visit during your holiday in Uganda including:

The Naggalabi-Buddo Coronation Site found in Wakiso District, Nyero Rock Paintings situated in Ngora, Nnamasole Baagalayaze Tombs and cultural center, Nakayima Tree found within Mubende District, Nkokonjeru Tombs in Kakiika and Wamala Tombs

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