What Are The Four Biggest Volcanoes In Uganda? Uganda is a landlocked country, which is located in East Africa, and it is perfect destination to travel to while on a safari. This country is a home to a diverse range of landscapes, which include; lakes, mountains, rivers among others. In addition, in the essay below we will delve more about the volcanoes found in the country and some of these include;

The Virunga mountains.

The Virunga Mountains is located in the Uganda but it also shares boarders with other countries like; the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. In addition, it is considered part of the Albertine Rift, which is situated in the Great Rift Valley. This mountain known to have derived its name from a Kinyarwanda word “ibirunga” which means “mountains”. And there many volcanoes that are found within this region and some of these include; Mount Mikeno which stands at elevated area of about 4437 meters above the sea level, mount Bisoke at 3711 meters, Mount Sabyinyo at 36711 meters, Mount Nyirangongo at 3470 meters, Mount Nyamuragira at 3,058 meters. More so, the names of these volcanoes describe a lot about their geological characteristics such as; mount Sabyinyo as the old man’s teeth and more so about its physical appearance of this mountain that looks like a teeth.

Mount Elgon.

Mount Elgon is known to be an extinct volcano, which is located in the Eastern side of Uganda. This mountain is considered the largest volcano in the whole world and it is ranked as the fourth highest mountain in East Africa and the second highest peak in Uganda, which stands at an elevated area of about 4321 meters above the sea level. More so, the most interesting about Mount Elgon it is surrounded by a series of rugged peaks and its crater is covered by over 40 kilometers. and tourists exploring through this mountain always get chances to engage into many tourist activities which include; mountain/ volcano climbing , hiking where they can use different trails like; the bamboo trail which leads to kapkwai cave and then pass through the bamboo forest while on the way to tutum cave, guided nature walks where they are accompanied by the park guides, bird watching as they get to spot birds like; African blue fly, white chinned prinia, African goshawk, Dohertys and luhders and many others.

There many other things to do such as; sport fishing, wildlife viewing and many others.

Mount Muhabura.

Mount Muhabura is also seen as an extinct volcano, which is located between the boarders of Uganda and Rwanda. In addition, hiking to this mountain always takes tourists about 6 to 7 hours. However, hiking to this mountain always seems to be abit challenging however, reaching at the top rewards one with opportunities to capture fascinating views and they are also able to sight see many wildlife species, birds, buffalos, many primate species.

More so, Mount Muhabura is considered steepest compared to other volcano ranges and mountain climbing is one of the major activities done along mount Muhabura by many people. In addition, it always offers tourists with chances to capture classic views of beautiful crater and vast plains along the slopes where they able to encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas and many other species.

What Are The Four Biggest Volcanoes In Uganda?
Mount Muhabura

Mount Moroto.

Mount Moroto is located in the eastern region of Uganda and it is situated in about a distance of 3 kilometers by road from Moroto’s central business district. In addition, this mountain is one of the most incredible places where tourists can view the dry northeastern region. More so, mount moroto is surrounded with wide ranges of good natural habitats from arid from arid thorn savannah to dry montane forest. More so, this mountain also acts a good natural habitat to many wildlife species such as; golden cats, potos, monkeys and manu others. In addition, tourists exploring through this mountain can embark into several activities such as; bird watching because it hosts around 220 bird species, hiking and many others.

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