What Are Top Best Places to visit on a Safari in Uganda: Uganda –the pearl of Africa a safe and hospitable country to visit with friendly people and welcoming. More so, a great destination on African continent that ripe with adventure and known as a primate’s kingdom especially the critically endangered mountain gorillas which can see in two national parks Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park also harbors with golden monkey’s species. Other species are small monkeys and Chimpanzees whom are said to share 99% of human DNA. While on visit to Uganda you can take visit to Sipi Falls a great location to view stunning cascades, visit Murchison Falls National Park a home of the spectacular Murchison Falls famously ranks the world’s most powerful waterfall , the unique tree climbing lions that attract millions of visitors after the Gorilla trekking found in Queen Elizabeth National Park . Uganda is also a haven of bird species more than 1100 species of birds ranging from residents, Albertine species, Kingfishers and Migratory birds and home to biodiversity of wildlife species among others. Despite fact, Gorilla safari is a great way to reach out to the best places to experience for safari in Uganda from primates trekking –tracking, Chimpanzee and Golden tracking –Gorilla trekking, Bird watching endemic species among many. However, below are the top best places to safari in Uganda as explained below;

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

The park is located in southwestern region of Uganda on the rim of the Rift valley and it have been into existence since 1951 in protection of closest related cousins the great mountain gorillas and other wildlife species. Bwindi is a home to over 120 mammals like forest elephants ,chimpanzees ,antelopes others ,348 bird species  and the most sought species on Uganda safaris the mountain gorillas . However,the park sound whole over the world as a home to half remaining mountain populations with over 650 individuals  out of 1065 mountain gorillas still exist in the wild ,which can be trekked in the various habituated gorilla families of over 22 families divided in four gorilla habituated regions ;Buhoma,Nkuringo ,Ruhija and Rushaga. One to be able to access their nature inhabitant must hold a valid Gorilla trekking permit which can be booked in advance before your time of arrival for safari. Uganda Gorilla permits can be bought direct from ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority or through help of tour operators.

What Are Top Best Places to visit on a Safari in Uganda
Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park a few destinations in the world to adventure the rare tree climbing lions and other place to see the tree climbing lions is Lake Manyara in Tanzania. More so, the park boosts as an ultimate safari destination with diversity of wildlife over 95 mammals such as giant forest hog ,Nile crocodile leopards ,spotted hyenas ,chimpanzee ,lions ,warthogs ,African elephants ,African buffalos ,Uganda Kob ,Hippopotamus ,topi ,a homo to paradise of birds around 600 bird species like shoe bill ,Great white pelican ,Grey-winged robin-chat ,Common sand martin ,Broad-billed roller , Yellow-bellied wattle-eye ,Yellow –throated cuckoo ,white-bellied wattle eye ,Black-rumped buttonquail ,Black bee-eater , African skimmer , and a location to see chimpanzees. Queen Elizabeth National Park has got a lot its safari stores to the visitors such as lion tracking, game drive, birding, chimpanzee tracking among others.

Kibale Forest National Park

The park is renown as primates kingdom in Africa a home to over 13 primates species the chimpanzees ,red tailed ,Grey cheeked mangabey ,Blue monkeys ,olive baboons ,Vervet monkeys ,L’Hoest monkeys ,Black and white colobus monkeys among many other animals buffaloes ,leopard ,bush pig elephants ,duiker ,birdwatchers and among other chimpanzees are the most sought after .Kibale Forest harbors 1,500 chimpanzee  species out of the total 5000 individuals to see in different Uganda safari destination .It is  also a home to over 330 bird species among many. To experience its nature beauty, you can take visit of 3 to 4 days on chimpanzee safaris and experience more.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park a popular home to diversity of antelopes and other animal species though it’s among the smallest Uganda’s national parks located in western Uganda region just few driving distance from Kampala to final destination. The park is home to various bird species and some of animals to see includes; impala, hippos, hyenas, topi, Defassa waterbuck, Leopard, hippo, hyena, reedbuck ,eland among other .Activities to do here include; Horseback riding ,Sport fishing ,Nature walks ,Bird watching ,Boat cruise ,Game drives among others, What Are Top Best Places to visit on a Safari in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls national park is a great safari destination with gainful sight of spectacular Murchison Falls a waterfall that  stuns with the thundering cascade of water reaches 148 feet tall and then flows quietly across the rift valley floor into Lake Albert and home to over 76 species of mammals ,450 bird species among others .Murchison Falls National Park is located in northwestern region of Uganda on the end of the Albertine Rift valley and its bisected by the Victoria Nile where fabulous boat cruise is done; Activities to do at Murchison falls National Park include; Game drive viewing ,Boat cruise ,Visit the top of the falls ,Birding ,Chimpanzee tracking, sport fishing among others.

What Are Top Best Places to visit on a Safari in Uganda
Boat Cruise on Murchison Falls National Park

Sipi Falls

 The Sipi Falls is one of the outstanding tourist attraction in Uganda Safari Destination that lies in Eastern Uganda on the border of Kenya. More so, Sipi Falls is perfect destination that features three distinct waterfalls and was named after the red sep flower that grow on the river banks. It is located at the rim of Mount Elgon National Park, What Are Top Best Places to visit on a Safari in Uganda.

More then, this tourist attraction is finest for hikers who visits Mount Elgon adventure it. The mountain boosts with three consecutively peaks where hiking adventure can be done such as ;328 feet ,278 feet and 246 feet among other.

Kidepo Valley National Park

 Kidepo Valley National Park rank one of the top untouched safari destinations a home to rare wildlife species over 86 mammals and 500 bird species, located in northeastern -semi arid Uganda region and sits on an area that covers about 1,442 square kilometers of its low land. The park is composed of the two thrilling landscape to spot animals- kidepo valley and Narus valley where you can spot a range of wild animals such as spotted hyenas, leopard, wild dog ,buffaloes ,Elephants ,giraffes ,zebras ,African buffalo ,bat-eared foxes ,Rothschild’s giraffes  ,monkeys among others. . All Uganda National Parks and Game Reserves are under the government body ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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