What Does Uganda Wildlife Authority Do? The Uganda Wildlife Authority is a government agency programme that is under the supervision of the ministry of tourism, Antiquities and wildlife and it has its major role and responsibility of managing and protecting all the wildlife animals in and outside the protected areas like  10 National parks such as; Queen Elizabeth National park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Murchison falls national park which is considered to be the largest national park in the country, Semiliki national park, Lake Mburo National park, kidepo valley national park and many others. The Uganda wildlife Authority also manages the 14 wildlife Sanctuaries and 12 wildlife reserves in the country.  More so, this agency conserves all the wildlife resources and activities that are done within the country.

The ministry of the tourism in Uganda happens to have a big role of laying strategies that have contributed a lot towards the development of the tourism industry of the country and this has led to the increase in the number of tourists that travel from many parts of the world to the country. Hence, this also led Uganda as a country to be ranked among the best four destinations in the whole world where tourists go to while on a safari in Africa. More so, apart from the Uganda wildlife Authority having a role, it also has a vision and a mission which helps individuals to focus, make the right decisions while laying strategies which will help the industry develop by attracting many tourists in the country.

The mission of the Uganda wildlife Authority is to manage, conserve, economically develop and protect all the wildlife areas that are within or outside all the protected areas and to benefit the people within the surrounding communities. In addition, the Vision of the Uganda Wildlife Authority is to lead a self-sustaining conservation agency with ecosystem and be able to transform Uganda into an outstanding ecosystem destination all over the whole world.

The Role of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has a number of many roles to play all with aim of developing the tourism industry of Uganda. Therefore, some of these roles include;

  • The Uganda wildlife Authority puts efforts to educate the people who leave within the neighbouring communities around the national parks with an aim of them understanding the contribution and importance of these wildlife animals to the communities and the wellbeing of people. For example, it improves on the standards of living whereby some of them are employed within the national parks.
  • The Uganda Wildlife Authority encourages and recruits in private investors for example tour operators, which leads to the development of the tourism industry of Uganda.
  • More so, the Uganda Wildlife Authority has a major role to protect all the wildlife creatures most especially against poaching activities that lead to the reduction of the number of wildlife species in the country. Therefore, they set strict laws that people should obey and follow and punishments such as; imprisonment of the poachers that are happen to be caught while killing the wildlife species.

    What Does Uganda Wildlife Authority Do?
    Uganda Wildlife Authority
  • The Uganda Wildlife Authority also identifies and spots out game reserves that are noticed to have the potential to be designated and gazette as national parks with an aim of providing good natural habitats to the animals and protect the eco system of Uganda.
  • This government agency plays a role of providing tourists with up to date information about all the 10 national parks in the country and all other information they deserve to know about Uganda.

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