What is Kibala national park known for? : Kibale national park is among the best primates sanctuary there is in Uganda. It is a home to about 13 primate species most, which include the chimpanzees. It is also a home to over 70 species of mammals, 375 bird species, variety of amazing vegetation cover that is to say the trees and the undergrowth. Continue reading this article to enlightened on the question “What is Kibala national park known for”. Kibale is one of the most amazing places that one should never miss visiting places around Fort portal on your Uganda tour because then you can get involved in activities like;

What is Kibala national park known for

The chimpanzee trekking or the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience

Kibale national park is most known for chimpanzee safari experience. Primate watching in Kibale is the most selling and mainly done activity done in Kibale national park thus the reason Chimpanzee trekking is one activity that no one can afford to miss during the visit to Kibale Forest. Chimpanzee trekking is done every day in groups of 8 people per group in the morning and in the evening which means, only 16 people get to tracking chimpanzees every day.  You will be given an hour to sit in the jungle with these chimpanzees once you meet them and this is the time you have to watch them closely for example see how they relate with each other, care for their little ones, play around and also feed tracking.

There are some who wish to have more experience with these chimpanzees and an experience that lusts more than an hour is what we called the chimpanzee habituation experience. Here, you are required to be in the jungle before dusk so that you can watch the chimpanzees wake and walk along with them all through the day. This is your chance to participate in the process of chimpanzee habituation, which means helping them get used to human presence.

This experience ends in the evening right after they walk back to their hiding places to sleep. Kibale Forest is Eat Africa’s primate Capital therefore the best place for anyone to do Chimpanzees tracking and habituation. There are however other places that chimpanzee trekking and habituation is done like in Budongo forest in Murchison falls national park.

You can expect more than the chimpanzees as there are other primates, so many birds, lots of butterflies, different trees and a huge population of mammals.

What is Kibala national park known for
Chimpanzee Trekking To Kibale Forest National Park

Safari nature walks

Hiking and nature walks are some of the most rewarding activities done within and in places close to Kibale Forest National Park. You can take a hike following a trail that goes across the length of Kibale Park. There are various places you can go to for a day time hike, it may be within the park or just close to the park but whichever you choose, you will have the best time.

Hiking may be a half-day activity especially during the hot seasons when the ground is not that slippery therefore hiking is easy. Hiking gives you the opportunity to see diverse habitats as you walk through the forest, you will find Rivers, go through swamps and grassland.  The most popular swampy area near Kibale is the Bigodi swamp.

Explore Bigodi wetlands sanctuary

This is  a must visit swamp located in tropical jungle and it is one place where you will  find hundreds of beautiful natural wonders including primates like chimpanzees as  they often wonder off from the forest to the swamp. Bigodi swamp is also identified as one of the best birding spots in this region because it has got lots of bird species including the famous large Blue Turaco. It is also one of the few places where to find the Sitatunga, which is a rare antelope.

There are also incredible plants and tree species for those that are interested in studying the vegetation. Bigodi wetland is one of the must visit places close to Kibale forest national park and this is because of its really amazing features and the fact it’s natural state. The wetland has remained uninterrupted by human activities because of the existing bigodi Community Project which benefits the surrounding communities therefore understand the value of conservation.

The bigodi swamp walk lasts about 3 hours and if you are interested in watching birds, this place is one spot you should not miss visiting because it has a huge number of species. You might even be lucky and see the shoebill stork too.

The Amabere ganyina’mwiru Caves:

These are amazing caves, which have a lot of natural wonder as well as cultural legends attached to them. There are quite close to Kibale Forest and it is one of the best additional activity to a trip to Kibale.  The Amabere caves are located just a short distance from the park and once you get there, you will learn all about the different of this cave but you will also get the scientific explanation of the existence of the milk-like substance oozing out of the rocks.

The Nakayima Witch’s Tree:

This place is a traditional worship and cultural site. It’s located on top of a hill along the road to and from Kibale forest national park therefore it has a really beautiful view and its most known as the Witch’s Tree. There are hundreds of Ugandans who visit that place hoping that they can appeal to the spirits of death to help them in case of illness or when suffering cases of infertility or any other kind or diseases and also in case when relationships go bad.

Your site tour guide is always available to answer all questions and give you the insight into this really unique cultural place and all the practices done from there as well as the oral history bout tree. A visit to Nakayima is a great en-route activity you can do and the experience makes it worthwhile.

Visit the Crater Lakes

There are beautiful crater lakes near Kibale Forest for example, one right behind Kyaninga lodge. A hike to the crater lakes is often referred to a top of the World Hike. It lasts just about 3 hours but sometimes may take a little bit longer but it will be an amazing journey since it will be a guided walk and may be able to visit like crater lakes, you will go through villages, walk past tea-plantations and you will enjoy the beautiful view once you get to the top.

The guide will always be there to offer you all the explanation you will need for example might tell you about the different village life stories, tell you legends of those different crater lakes and all the information you may need to know about the tea as well as the vanilla plantations. Sometimes however, crater lakes hikes may require not only a few hours like 3 but about half and sometimes a full-day.

In summary, the above article entails all you need to know to answer the question “What is Kibala national park known for”

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