What Is Semuliki National Park Famous For? Semuliki national park is famously known as a top-notch birding destination in Uganda whereby it is a home to over 410 bird species hence attracting many tourists to travel from all over the parts of the world to Uganda and most especially the bird lovers. Semuliki national park is located in Bundibugyo district, which is found in the Western region of Uganda, and it is considered to be among the newest national park in the country because it was established as a national park in October in 1993. This national park is one if the smallest national parks in Uganda covering a total surface area of about 220 square kilometers and stands at an elevation between 670-760 meters above the sea level. More so, Semuliki national park lies within the Albertine Rift Valley and shares boarders with a country like; a government agency programme known as Uganda Wildlife Authority whose major role is to protect and conserve all national parks in Uganda is managing the Democratic Republic of Congo and it.

Semuliki national park offers tourists with a good adventurous experience because it is a home to over 53 mammal species and large numbers of bird species and it also experiences a good temperate tropical climate which is at an average of about 1,250 mm and this national park always receives rain between months of March to May and from September to December. Tourists can easily access Semuliki national park by using two roads for example; from Kampala city to fort portal  and then head to Masaka road – kasese  whereby this journey takes about 7 hour drive to reach the park  or tourists can use the kampala to fort portal road via Mubende which will only take about 5-6 hours’ drive.

Semuliki national park has many tourist attractions that  which always lead tourists to travel from different parts all over the world to come and see these interesting features such as; the Semliki river which is about 160 kilometers long and it flows from the Rwenzori mountains and pour its waters into lake Albert and River Nile which is known to be the largest river in the world,  the Sempaya hot springs which are situated at the edge of the great ituri forest  and it shares boarders with other countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo. More so, the unique and interesting thing about these falls is that it has both a female and male hot spring whereby the male hot spring is referred to as “Bintente” as it covers a total surface area of about 12 meters and located in the swampy area whereby the female is known as “Nyasimbi’ and its waters boil at a temperature of about 103C. more so, this national park harbours large numbers of wildlife species like; crocodiles, forest elephants, bush babies, monkeys, potto, and many others. However, there are also other beautiful places that tourists can check out while exploring with in Semuliki national park and these include; the Toro-semuliki wildlife reserve, which is well known, as the oldest game reserve in Uganda and this park, is a good destination where tourists can go to for chimpanzee trekking, What Is Semuliki National Park Famous For?

What Is Semuliki National Park Famous For?
Sempaya Hot Springs

Activities done in Semuliki national park.

Tourists exploring within Semuliki national park are always offered big chances and participate in interesting activities like; Hiking to the sempaya hot springs which takes about 1 hour and tourists get chances to sight see at primate species while walking through the forests like; the black and white colobus monkeys and the red-tailed monkeys, game drives which are always done in the morning and evening hours where tourists always spot wildlife species like; the Ugandan kob, leopards,  buffalos, waterbucks, elephants, bush babies, warthogs, pygmy hippopotami and many others. more so, Semuliki national park is famously known because of its large numbers of bird species like; pipping hornbill, the white crested hornbill, the ross’s turaco, the yellow throated nicator, the great blue, red-billed dwarf hornbill and many others, guided nature walks where tourists use the Kirumia trail which leads tourists through the heart of the forest up to the end of Semiliki river and individuals can also opt to engage in cultural encounters where they opt to visit within the neighbouring communities where tourists take a cultural tour and get a chance to interact with the Batwa people as they learn about their history from the story telling part and get to watch the local people traditional dance performances which are always exciting.

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