What Is The Biggest Island In Uganda? Buggala Island is considered as the biggest island compared to other many islands found in Uganda and it covers a total surface area of about 296 square kilometers. This Island is also commonly visited because it is seen as a destination, which is considered, as a birders paradise, which harbours very many beautiful bird species. Bugala island is located in Lake Victoria which is famously known as the largest lake in the country and it has a pupation of about  25000 whereby the majority of them live in Kalangala and touring around this island blesses tourists with opportunities to engage in many several activities which include the following below;

Activities done on Bugala Island.

Chilling and relaxing on the beautiful tropical beaches.

Tourists who visit the Bugala island can always chill and relax from the white sand beaches around lake Victoria where they capture the beautiful views of the sunrises and sunsets, as you enjoy a delicious cocktail while under the shades of the palm trees while enjoying the breathe taking atmosphere in the surrounding.

Boat cruise.

Tourists can also embark on boat cruise activities, which is ranked as the most done, and exciting activity for the many. In addition, because this island is in Lake Victoria which is a good lake for all kind of boat excursions. More so, these boat cruise activities are usually done in the morning and in the evening and while on these launch trips, tourists always get chances to view at some of wildlife species and bird species. Alternatively, individuals can opt go on their own in a Kayak or a pedal boat but this is for those people with good experiences of using the boat. More so, they can combine this activity with fishing because Lake Victoria is also a good place to go fishing and they are able to catch fish species like; the Nile perch and the Nile tilapia fish among others.

Guided nature walks.

Tourists can decide to go for guided nature walks, which is considered one of the ways, explore through the Bugala Island. However, during the walks tourists are accompanied with a park guide whose big role is to lead them through and ensuring the safety of the individuals. More so, guided nature walks always involve tourists to walk through tropical rainforest where they get opportunities to see wildlife species such as; Sitatunga antelopes, Vervet monkeys and colobus monkeys and bird species.

What Is The Biggest Island In Uganda?
Buggala Island


Camping is one of the best activities done on lake Victoria because setting a tent around this lake is more fun for example; in the morning hours tourists get to wake up the beautiful melodies of the birds singing and also they can set a camp fire in case the weather seems too cold as they enjoy their evening delicious barbecue. More so, tourists can combine this activity with hiking through the tropical forests or going to the swimming pool for those individuals with good swimming skills where they cool off their hot and long day.

Accommodation facilities on Bugala Island.

Bugala Island has so many good accommodation facilities where tourists can have their stay and some of these lodging facilities include; the Sssese islands beach hotel, Ssese habitat resort, Victoria forest resort, Sssese habitat resort, islands peak motel and many others. However, tourists should note that these lodging facilities are ranged and have different budgets, which gives individuals to choose where to stay according to where it matches with their budget.

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