What is the main tourist attraction in Queen Elizabeth National Park? Queen Elizabeth National park is located in Kasese district in the western region of Uganda and it is ranked as the second largest and most visited national park in Uganda. This park covers a surface area of about 2080 square kilometers and it was first known as Kazinga channel, which later was named as Queen Elizabeth National Park after the visit of Queen Elizabeth of England in 1954.

Queen Elizabeth National park is surrounded by beautiful scenery of beautiful lakes and rivers, woodlands, forests, volcanic features such as volcanic cones and craters. This park boarders with Kibale National park in Uganda and Virunga National park in Congo and crosses over districts like; Kamwenge, Rubirizi and Rukungiri. While Tourists are in Queen Elizabeth National park, they are blessed with classic views of crater lakes like; the twin lakes (Edward and Gorge), Kyambura gorge, Maramagambo forest and Lake Katwe, which is known to be standing at the highest, peak at an elevation of 1350 meters while Lake Edward stands at the lowest point at 910 meters.

Attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Mweya Peninsula.

Mweya peninsula is ranked as the most visited attraction in Queen Elizabeth National park and it is located in the north eastern region within the park and it is a good destination were visitors can go for mongoose tracking and they can also get chances of carrying out activities like; guided nature walks, game drives and wildlife viewing which gives them opportunities to sight see very many animal species within the National park.

Kazinga channel.

Kazinga channel is located along 20 miles connecting to Lake Edward and Lake George. Kazinga channel is the best recommended destination for wildlife viewing activities and boat cruise where tourists always get opportunities to view a variety of wild animals while on water and these include; Buffaloes, elephants, crocodiles, hippos and bird lovers also get to sight see several bird species like; the yellow billed stork, the rare shoebill stork, Pink-Backed pelicans, the great white, Open billed stork, saddle bill stork, jacana, black crake and the long tailed cormorants and many others which are easily spotted within the swampy vegetation surrounding the National park.

Tree climbing lions.

Queen Elizabeth National park is most famous for its tree-climbing lions that are easily spotted within the Ishasha sector, which is located in the southern region with in the park. The ishasha sector is a good inhabitant for these lions because it is surrounded with huge fig trees, acacia trees and cactus trees that have big branches where these tree-climbing lions find comfort to rest on. More so, the best time to spot the tree-climbing lions that are also known as the Kings of the jungle, it is best in the early morning and late evenings. Individuals touring within the Ishasha sector can also get chances to see other animals like; the Uganda kobs, antelopes and leopards.

What is the main tourist attraction in Queen Elizabeth National Park?
Tree climbing Liond in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Kyambura Gorge.

Kyambura gorge is located in the Eastern region with in Queen Elizabeth National park and it is known as the Valley of apes.  Kyambura Gorge is 100 meters deep, 500 meters wide and 16 kilometers long and it is a good natural habitant of very many wildlife species because water streams and thick forests surround it. Kyambura gorge is considered as one of the best places where tourists can go fir chimpanzee trekking activities which they are charges 50 USD for a trekking permit and it is also a home to many primate species like; Red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, baboons and snakes, a variety of bird species like; Vereux eagle owl, lesser and greater flamingos, papyrus gonolek, African skimmer, papyrus canary white tailed lark, butterflies and many more, What is the main tourist attraction in Queen Elizabeth National Park?.

Katwe salt works.

Tourists on a safari in Queen Elizabeth National park who would love to visit the Katwe salt Crater Lake that is known one of the famous crater, which are found within the park. This is a place where tourists get to explore as they enjoy watching the salt mining process and also listen to privileged stories about salt mining that are always told by the women miners at katwe salt lake and this also helps tourists learn about the historical background of the Germany salt factory.


Without forgetting that queen Elizabeth  is the second largest national park in Uganda, it is also one of the best destinations where tourists on a safari can visit for a game viewing experience due to the fact that it is a home to over 95 mammal species such as; warthogs, antelopes, waterbucks, 2000 buffaloes, lions, 3000 hippos, crocodiles, Uganda kob, 4000 elephants, topi, leopards, and Primate species like Black and white colobus monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees, and also harbours over 600 bird species which include;  Collared pratincole, Great blue turaco, Grey-winged robin-chat, Broad-billed roller, Caspian plover, red-chested sunbird, white-backed night heron, yellow- throated cuckoo and yellow-billed wattle- eye and many more.

Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Tourists can plan  a Uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth National park at any time during the year however it is best during the dry season when there are less rains and the grasses in the park that enable tourists get clear views of the beautiful nature within the park and its wildlife species. This best time is between months of June to August then September and from mid –December to February.

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