What Is The Most Visited Place In Uganda? Queen Elizabeth National park is considered to be the most visited tourist destination in Uganda because it is a good conservation area that is surrounded by many large numbers of different wildlife species that attract many people to travel from all the parts of the world to Uganda hence leading to the great development of the Industry of tourism in the country. more so, this national park has forests,  savannah grasslands and woodlands, stunning water bodies such as lakes like; Lake Edward, , wetlands, beautiful vegetation, deep craters, volcanic cranes and many others which makes it a perfect destination to travel to while planning to go on a Uganda safari tour

Lions die in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National park is located in Kasese district in the Eastern region of Uganda and it was established as a national park in 1954 and it was named as Queen Elizabeth National park after the visit of the Queen of England who was known as Queen Elizabeth 11 of the great Britain however before, it was known as Kazinga Channel, What Is The Most Visited Place In Uganda?. More so, this national park is considered to be the most visited National park in the country compared to the national parks because it is the only place where individuals can be able to sight see the tree climbing lion species and it covers a total surface area of about 1980 square kilometers.

Exploring around Queen Elizabeth National park does not only give you chances to see the tree climbing lions that are always seen resting on the big branches of trees but also be able to overlook at other large numbers of wildlife species like; hippos, African elephants, giraffes, lions, flamingoes, leopards and tourists can also participate in exciting activities like; chimpanzee trekking which is best done within  Kalenju forest and Kyambura gorge, hot air ballooning where individuals have a good experience flying in the sky as they capture an aerial view of the whole park at large which viewing at the beautiful lakes, good vegetation, nature, rift valley and see many wildlife species, game drives which usually begin in the morning or evening and boat cruise among others.

What Is The Most Visited Place In Uganda?
Queen Elizabeth National Park

More so, Queen Elizabeth National park is occupied by many tourist attractions which attract the attention of tourists to travel and find out themselves and some of these attractions include; Lake Gorge which is situated in the western region of the park and it well known as the smallest lake covering a total surface area of about 250 kilometers, Lake Katwe which is located in the Northern region of the Mweya Penisular and visiting this lake always gives tourists chances of watching the salt mining processes, Lake Edward, the Kazinga channel which is about a 32 kilometer water body that is best for boat cruise activities and the tree climbing lions which act as the main tourist attraction with in this national park and they are easily spotted in the Ishasha sector among others.

Queen Elizabeth National park also has around many comfortable and affordable accommodation facilities, which are always available for the guests, most especially those who spend a long day exploring within the park. However, these lodging facilities range differently and are put in different classes such as; Budget, mid-range and luxury, What Is The Most Visited Place In Uganda?. In addition, this helps guests planning to have their stay choose according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget, which gives them good rest with no worries. Therefore some of these lodging facilities include; Park view lodge, Ihamba safari lodge, Kyambura gorge lodge, Kasenyi safari camp, Elephant plains lodge, Katara lodge, Ishasha jungle lodge, Simba safari camp and many others. more so these lodges offer their guests with services like; free breakfast which is normally served within the rooms, free WI-FI that is always available which enables guests to keep good communication with their people back at home, a 24 hour room service, a 24 hour tight security, free parking, laundry and ironing services and many others which makes the stay of the visitors worth it.

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