What to Wear or Pack for  Mountain Rwenzori Climbing Adventure;  Overall safari tours requires travelers to pack whatever that will suite their  journey of travel worth it and since it’s  a mountainous area we all know  how those places can be cold,  and for that reason a traveler is required to pack warm clothes , comfortable climbing shoes that will make you warm in such areas in order to enjoy life in the coldest places .However Mountain Rwenzori national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site that sites  in the Rwenzori Mountain .More so, the park is famous because it hosts the Africa’s third highest mountain peak and many waterfalls ,lakes and glaciers.

 Generally, Rwenzori Mountain National Park was created in 1991 and was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 because of its natural beauty. The park is owned by the Ugandan government that manages all Uganda National Parks ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority. More then, Rwenzori is a home to over 89 bird species ,15 beautiful butterfly species and 4 primate’s species as well as various wildlife species such as forest elephant, Chimpanzee, hyrax, black-and white colobus, L’hoest’s monkeys, Ruwenzori duiker and Rwenzori turaco among others.

What makes Rwenzori Mountains famous worldwide its outstanding natural beauty and Mount Stanley which ranks with the highest   peak ‘’Margheritta peak’’ raising about 5109 meter above the sea level and take 7 to 8 days to reach its summit. More so, its 5 vegetation zones of which all stuns with something unique to offer.

What to Wear or Pack for  Mountain Rwenzori Climbing Adventure
What to Wear or Pack for  Mountain Rwenzori Climbing Adventure

 Below are some of the items you need to pack as you plan your Rwenzori Safari.

Non-cotton shirts

Travelers who prefer doing hiking –climbing safaris, it’s very useful you pack essentials that suits with climbing adventure, like someone visiting Rwenzori Mountain since hiking or climbing may result into sweating so you need to carry light shirts or even you may not need it. Because there are some places you will give a good rinse along the way ‘’ at John Matte hut there’s a river so close’’.

Long Sleeve Shirts

While on climbing safari its good to wear long sleeve shirts that will keep you warm and one of the best way to keep the sun from burning you thus making your Rwenzori trip. They must be light long sleeved shirts not cotton long sleeve that can absorb your sweat and stink up your bag and room.

 Pair of pants

When your packing the items that can suit with your Hiking safaris to Rwenzori Mountains endeavor to pack trekking pants or jeans depending on what you wish.  So we recommend you to pack more than one pants. You can pack shorts for hiking    which is helpful in   hiking in lower altitude because as you move your body sweats and pants would make you feel sweaty and hot.

 Waterproof hiking boots

While on Rwenzori mountaineering safari    expect to cross streams, climbing stairs and navigating soggy open meadows. So you will need to carry waterproof hiking boots that makes you to wet.


 After a daylong adventure, your feet will not want to be in boots. You will have to pull them out and put on sandal in your pack during evening time. As they will help you move around the hut, visit the latrines and taking a shower in the bath rooms.

 Good sleeping bag

 Like to any other Uganda safari destination if your to camp or carry your own tent, still it’s very usual outdoor sleeping bags to pack with you while on visit to Rwenzori Mountain. Up the mountain the area can be cold and the temperature can go below 3 degrees at some camps. If possible you can get yourself a mummy style zero degree sleeping bag that warm enough even at higher altitude, What to Wear or Pack for  Mountain Rwenzori Climbing Adventure.


The hike you take leads you up the summit and along the mountain there is no electricity connection in the huts where you need lamp to lighten you at night. The hike to margherita peak starts at 2am in the morning, so you will need to pack or buy a good headlamp having a long life battery because you will be hiking through bare rocks and ice in the dark.

 Microfiber towel –Handkerchief

 As know long hikes can create running nose, sweat and of all that you will need to carry   a soft quick drying microfiber towel.

 First aid kit

 On any safari you need to move with the first aid kit box because you never know in the rocky area, you might get injuries or getting injured. The kit should have useful items such as a bandage for any twists, pain killers, iodine wipes for any cuts, moleskin for blisters, high altitude medication in case you get altitude sickness.

What to Wear or Pack for  Mountain Rwenzori Climbing Adventure
Margherita Peak


 The Rwenzori hiking safaris offers   hikers with little snacks but on safari plan you can pack more of the energizing snacks anything good for your health as you. In case you don’t like what they provide, you eat what they packed for you.

Sunscreen –hat-sunglasses

On visit remember to bring protection for your lips and lip moisturizer for the higher drier altitudes.

Water filter

 As you hike the Rwenzori, you will not be provided with mineral bottled water. You will just get drinking water right from the river and streams in the mountains because the water is clean. Because the locals also it as a drinking and the water is safe. If you don’t trust it, you can add some water filters to your water.

You carrying the above items on your Rwenzori Climbing Tours Uganda, definitely you will not regret but rather you will just feel much exhorted with unforgettable life experience in mountainous areas.

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