Where can I see big fives in Uganda; Generally, the word Big Five is referred to us the Five African animals or big game hunters considered the most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt on foot in Africa, they include; the African elephants, Leopards, Cape buffalos, Leopard, Lion and Rhinoceros.  The term Big Fives is mere say by the tourist in Uganda but usual name or term   used widely   by the world wide tourism industry and they are called so because they are very fierce when cornered. In Uganda, big fives can be found in Murchison Falls National Park

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Murchison Falls National Park is located in the north western region of Uganda approximately 5 to 6 hours   from Kampala or Entebbe to main tourism destination, you drive north western direction along Kampala Gulu route. Above all, the park is Uganda’s oldest and largest national park measuring 3840 square kilometers   and due to its gazette is to protect a large number of wildlife species over 76 mammal species and over 450 bird species.   Animals which are inhabitants of this eco systems include warthogs, duikers, antelopes, sitatunga, elephants , giraffes  ,lions ,leopards ,buffaloes ,primates like chimpanzees and baboons in Kaniyo pabidi and Budongo forest . Murchison Falls bird species includes; Squacco heron, Speckle –fronted weaver, Silver bird, Shoebill, Red- tailed bee –eater, Cattle egrets, Palm-nut vulture, Malachite kingfisher, Goliath heron, Giant Kingfisher, Denham’s bustard ,blue –headed causal , Black-headed lapwing ,Black-headed gonolek ,Abyssinian ground hornbill ,African Jacana ,African quailfinch ,Black-headed lapwings among others .

The Big fives of Murchison Falls National Park

The fact is that Murchison Falls National Park Uganda its where to see the big fives at the same time the big five game of Africa, it’s a home of Big fours and to make it a great Big Five adventure, you need to visit Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Uganda which located on same route that leads to Murchison Falls National Park. Which takes few driving distances from Nakitoma where the Sanctuary originates from to Murchison Falls National Park.

Below are the big five animals includes;

 African Elephants

The African elephants is the most a largest mammal in the world and the reason why it’s called African Elephants it’s because of its ears which are shaped like Map of African continent.

Facts about African Elephants; they grow up to 14 feet in height and 30 feet in width.

They inhabitants live in forest and savannah woodlands of Murchison Falls national park.

They live in large groups of about 100 animals called herds.

Their herds are led by a female member in the wild.

Where Can I See Big Fives in Uganda

The African elephants are peaceful when not disturbed but they can threaten if interfered with.

The mother elephants are so protective over their young ones.

 They are herbivores and can eat about 375 kilograms of green material including leaves and grass.

They take gallons of water between 30 to 40 each day they live.

The African elephants can live around 70 years in the wild and 40 – 45 years when kept in captivity.


Lions are known as panther Leo, which are the sought animal in Uganda’s National Parks. They are major inhabitant of plain savannah grasslands and they are the kings of the Savannah in Africa. Lions prey on other animals like buffaloes, Kobs, antelopes among others. The Lions in Murchison Falls National Park are named diurnal.  It’s due to because they are active in the morning during sunrise and in the evening when the sun is setting down. During morning and evening hours are the perfect time for the game drives in Murchison Falls National Park. More so, they are the famous hyper carnivore’s animals with a diet of about 75% meat or flesh, Where Can I See Big Fives in Uganda.

Facts about Lions; Lions can weigh between 150-250 kilometers.

The females are smaller and lighter than the male lions.

The male Lions are more threatened and fierce when interfered with.

 Lions are more identified by their beautiful dark color manes. In spite the amazing traits of the male lions, the lionesses are the leaders in any hunt since they are the kings of the Jungle. For instance, the male lions come in only to assist when help is needed.

 They are the largest carnivores in Africa, that can run around 60 meters in just six seconds.  According to their energy, the lions can rest longer than the time they hunt.

They can sleep for about 20 hours a day.

  Lions are adaptable to the savannah habitants and not made for the dense forested areas.

However, in Murchison Falls a national park the adventuring of lions is very possible, though rare. Very possible to find to see lions during guided nature walk in Kaniyo Pabido Forest Reserve.


Scientifically; Leopards are known as panther pardus.

Facts about Leopards;

They weigh 60 kilograms and females 40 kilograms.

Unlike the lions, Leopards can be found in the variety of habitant Murchison Falls National Park like Savannah woodland, forest and shrubs among others.

Leopards are truly unique species composed of carnivores because to their meaty meals. They supplement it with a snack of beetles.

They are hide hunters as they camouflage in the shrubs and wait for their prey.

They are faster runners compared to the lions. They can run 58 kilometers per hour nonstop with hops of about 6 meters high in the air.

Leopards are solitary animals, however, they can cross their territories just for the most important purposes of mating and breeding.

 Their families are very strongest and they are incredibly agile, Where Can I See Big Fives in Uganda.

Cape Buffaloes

The cape buffaloes are known as sinecures coffer. Whereby, you can identify their unique horns that form continues shield of hard bones known as a boss, that runs across the head.

They are the deadliest mammals, as the report shows that in year it kills over 200 people.

The history shows that are ever been domesticated, because they are extremely aggressive and dangerous to get close to humans.


Cape Buffaloes have wide shoulders thus making it the big part and heavier compared to the hind part perhaps it is the reason for the big number hooves of their front legs compared to the rare ones.

They live in herds of about 100 members and are good species in protecting the young ones by making shield around they in case there is threatening by the predators, lions.

They are Meta wild animals and they do not fumble at any time after one hour of birth. They start running like they are months older.

 The female buffaloes usually give birth to only one calf. And it is rare to give birth two calves at the same time.

 They have neck which measures 2 inches thick .it is a protection from the predators.

The Ugandan history tells that, the ancient king Kabalega of Bunyoro Kitara kingdom used to make shield from the hides   of buffaloes and hippos because their thickness and hardness.

White Rhinos

The white Rhinos are possible to be seen in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary not in Murchison Falls National Park. They are wild animals with good sense of smell.


The technique they use is to look for food and also locate danger.

They have a lifespan of about 35 to 40 years of age, Where Can I See Big Fives in Uganda.

These are species which hate too much sun and it’s the reason why they are always spotted wallowing in the mud, however, it’s a kind of sunscreen they use to prevent too much sun.

They are enormous mammals that they weigh between 800 kilometers and 1400kilogrames.

The female rhino is smaller than the male. The male rhinos are also strong, powerful and fast.

They are critically endangered animals.

Where Can I See Big Fives in Uganda
Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary                                                              

The white rhinos, are members of big five communities that you can’t see inside Murchison Falls National Park, because they got extinct during the wars that happened in northern Uganda for the past few years. Generally, you can see the white rhinos from Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary en route to Murchison Falls National Park, Where Can I See Big Fives in Uganda.

Along your visit at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, when you opt to have a safari stay here. There is spacious Ziwa Rhino Camp. On visit you can enjoy other activities apart from Rhino tracking.

Lastly ,on visit to Uganda’s Big Five in Murchison Falls ,you can request a tour operator to organize you affordable and ultimate a combined tour itineraries to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park a home to great primates the mountain gorillas species ,the park is located in southwestern region but to locate it from north west region to Bwindi .Combine it with Game drive ,sport fishing, Boat cruise in Murchison Falls with Gorilla trekking experience  in Bwindi that involves in hiking in thick forest  in search for mountain gorillas  and once are located one hour is provided to you  to watch them  as they spend their day long ,feed, play ,lay their nest  and also taking memorable photography among others.

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