Where to Go This Easter Season –April on Uganda Destination /Uganda Safari Tour

Where to go This Easter Season; Get started planning now! where to go this Easter season-holiday in Uganda, even though the holiday appears in low peak season just know that Uganda has a lot to offer to the traveler lovers, wishing to visit the safari destination for activities and attractions or else you can enjoy the Easter season in Kampala visit the city attraction on the Kampala City tours.

Kampala City

More so, Easter season is a season of Christians seen gathering in churches in numbers to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Perhaps it’s a serious and busy holiday celebration as many people are seen moving up and down remembering the suffering and death of Christ Jesus dying for our sin. The Easter season becomes a serious event for Christians as we see series of songs being played in homes, streets, played in churches and heard on the radios and television programs all in honor of Christ’s love toward us on Calvary.

Where to Go This Easter Season
Queen Elizabeth N.P

More so, during Easter season it’s when we see Christian flock into churches and temples in regard to commemorate his resurrection from the death on the cross. To others choose to take a safari to western Uganda for Uganda safari activities with families and friends. Queen Elizabeth national park –Uganda’s most visited park during such events on both foreigners and domestic residents where can be seen flocking in to adventure into boat cruise ,game drive, nature walk, swimming at the lodge among others. All the plans to Uganda safari can be done by help of the tour operator for you to achieve your dream of spending your time in the jungle with wildlife species and getting rewarded with the scenic nature.

In regard to that, you can decide to visit the north region to Murchison Falls national park a home to world’s powerful waterfall known as Murchison falls, explore diversity of wildlife species, nature all these are good to celebrate season with friends or as a family.

You can decide to celebrate Easter holiday by taking a tour to Kampala city tour where you can be able to visit several amazing touristic places around Kampala such as visiting national museum, Ndere cultural center to enjoy evening moments with interesting traditional dances and songs, visit Namugongo martyrs shrine to discover where 32 believers were killed from because of their faith, visit the Mother temple in Africa the Bahai temple among others.

However, Easter holiday can be wet season and this does not mean being wet season that people won’t celebrate through going to churches for players, do park activities. Meaning the rain may fall in the morning and in the afternoon work, activities and any kind of celebration goes on. In national parks, you can still do activities whether in the morning or in the evening. Wet season truly makes national park to look beautiful with great time to enjoy view of scenic landscape.

In Queen Elizabeth national park during Easter season we recommend you to book lodges with more quality amenities comfort and cozy cottages. Mweya Safari Lodge is luxurious accommodation with everything you can find in city hotels. While at Mweya Safari lodge you can enjoy a cool relaxation in the cozy lobby and movies or later in the evening enjoy swimming, poolside grill and rhyme while enjoying your glass of favorite cocktail. Other recommended accommodations include Elephants plain lodge –luxury, Elephant hub lodge –Mid-range and Pumba Safari Cottages –budget accommodation.

In Murchison Falls national park lodges we recommend you to book and enjoy your Easter celebration in quite unforgettable place od stay with affordable fees such as; Para Safari lodge a luxurious lodge with cozy cottages, Pakuba Safari lodge a Mid-range and Parkside safari lodge –Budget accommodation. What to do during Easter season in Murchison; Boat cruise at delta, visit the top of the falls, game drive, sport fishing among others.

Where to Go This Easter Season
Murchison Falls N.P

Uganda is out reached by everyone during this event of Easter holiday since it boosts lot with stunning activities, attractions to both foreigners and domestic people. We recommend you to book in advance for your safari during this festival season.

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