Why is Uganda called a landlocked country? Have you ever wondered why Uganda, despite being called a landlocked country is known as the leading tourism destination in Africa?

It is quite hard to figure out unless you personally organize a Uganda safari tour to this beautiful nation also termed as “the pearl of Africa”. Different books and articles about the country have been produced and read but one cannot base on them to come up with a conclusion that Uganda is the best safari destination. It is a practical involvement in a visit that can enable one to draw realistic conclusions.

Uganda is located along the Equator, the country’s climate is stable with 2 dry seasons which according to the tour operators, are the best times to visit. It is during this period that people from different parts of the world flock into the country for a lifetime experience full of enjoyment and pleasure. One of the leading activities during the dry season is gorilla tracking which attracts visitors all over the world.

Gorilla trekking safari to Uganda is so unique compared to that of other countries. With Uganda having the largest number of the rare primates, it receives the highest number of visitors and the remaining portion visit Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo where the gorillas can be found. A trip to Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national parks guarantees a visitor a chance to meet these elegant apes in their natural habitats. You might be wondering why gorilla trekking is more successful during the dry seasons but the answer is that it is during this period that the parks are accessible with less mud. The primates can also be seen easily during the dry seasons as they freely roam about the whole park in search for water and food. Other primates in the country include; chimpanzees, different types of monkeys, various types of squirrels, baboons and many more.

Why is Uganda called a landlocked country?
Why is Uganda called a landlocked country?

Another wonderful activity that has put Uganda on the world scene is game viewing. With over 1500 mammal species in the country, many visitors are attracted to come and look at them in their natural homes. A game drive in some of the country’s national parks is a lifetime experience which guarantees you a chance to see numerous wild animals like, lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, kobs, zebras, antelopes and many more. These animals are easily seen during the dry season as they converge around water points to sip some for cooling their bodies. It is a wonderful experience to view some herbivorous wild animals grazing in the magnificent green plains.

Culture is another attraction that this country boosts of. With over 45 ethnic groups, there is no doubt that Uganda is one of the leading cultural destinations in Africa. Each ethnic group has its own way of living portraying various lifestyles of a true African man. If you have never seen a family survive on nature and sleep in grass thatched houses, then Uganda is the best place to visit. A cultural safari to Uganda is one of its kind because of the diversity of cultural experiences availed by the many tribes.

When it comes to nature, this country does not compete with any other East African country. This is the reason why it is called “the Pearl of Africa”. The beauty that catches your eyes as you jet into the country is just enough to convince you that the country is a home away from home. This is the reason why some people make it a point to arrange a safari holiday to Uganda annually.

A lot can be said, written and read but you can never appreciate the beauty of this East African country unless you personally visit it. Therefore, we are waiting for you as a credible company which can help you explore the various tourism destinations in the country with no worries.

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