Wildebeest Migration tour; Kenya is one of the top landmark wildlife safari popularly known worldwide for its biodiversity of wildlife species thus worth activity that attracts millions of people all over the world to flock in here yearly. Experience a great wildebeest migration which is an act of watching an event with the movements of millions of wildebeest from Serengeti in Tanzania northwards into the adjoining Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya. Despite the fact that, Maasai Mara is renown as the world’s best thrilling display of wildlife behaviors.

Amazingly, the migration takes place annually with the great view of animals crossing over to greener pastures through following the climatic rain full pattern over to Serengeti National park and these are the two parks to watch wildebeest.

So we recommend you to always start planning travel for Mid-July since it’s when the migration starts with proper larger herds of wildebeest that starts the move into Maasai Mara. The migration takes place from July to Augusts.

Wildebeest Migration Tour
Wildebeest Migration Tour

Meanwhile, Migration event happen each year   that attracts high concentration of people to visit the place, to encounter these unique species.

 Best of the time to experience Wildebeest Migration?

Wildebeest Migration event typically starts in July and ends in October. Though the exact dates around this period is not predictable till the first large wildebeest herds actually gathering at the northern edge of Serengeti   as they cross to Mara.

 Where do the Wildebeest Migrate to and from?  The movement of the wildebeest is from Serengeti into Maasai Mara while looking for climate, pasture and mating and calving seasons. Otherwise, wildebeest tend to migrate through year clockwise direction thus covering vast areas that reaches into southern, Central and Western Serengeti before the year for trek that attracts to migrate to Maasai Mara around July to October. Their returning journey to Serengeti happens around late October when Maasai landscape is less spectacular with pasture.

 Month by Month Kenyan Wildebeest Migration;

 Most tourists think that the Great Migration of wildebeest only happens once in year, infact the migrations happen all year around, thus offering different unique and hallmark experience of wildlife species at various times of the year.

In general, the migration happens within an area known as the Serengeti ecosystem, in 40,000 square miles which is defined by Masai Mara National Reserve in the north side and in the south of Ngorongoro Conservation Area as well as Maswa game reserve in Tanzania. Other areas in central eastern and western areas that includes; Loliondo, Grumeti Reserve and the official Serengeti National Park also involving other part of southern Expanse of Kusini among other protected areas.

Wildebeest Migration Tour
Wildebeest Migration Tour

 Though the migration is not an isolated event, instead they are described to the constant movement of over millions of wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebras, along elands and gazelles. Their purpose of movements is to search for fresh pasture and water and when the supply of these vital resources which are depleted in one area, then animals they will move to another area where water grasses and other food sources are in abundant.

And one of the most request in the migration events is the wildebeest arrival crossing over to Mara River that usually happens in late July to August with parts of September and they will return on their south around the last two weeks of October to November. However, these are the best seasons to watch and see the annual wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara. During that period of the year, visitors experience quite awe-inspirations and excitement many more. Enjoying your annual wildebeest migrations in hot air balloon makes the activity more rewardable as you can be able to have an impressive aerial view in the skies of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Just know the experience is worth more an encounter on African continents.

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