The Zika Forest in Entebbe, Uganda

Zika Forest is found along Kampala Entebbe Road and it is one of the major attractions in the area. This forest is not very far from the Airport so it is easy to to access. It shares its name with the virus that was first discovered here observed through the monkeys that lived here. The Virus is linked to a birth Defect condition.

The Zika Forest ha s variety of wildlife including the Crocodiles. Its largely occupied by a swamp that joins it to lake Victoria. It has about 140 species of plants, a lot of snakes, leopards, monkeys, mosquitoes making it a worth while adventure.

This forest is among the smallest forest reserves in Uganda. Its has few birds in number but with a variety in Species. Its is a good spot for birding safaris.

The Uganda Virus Research Institute has this forest as it home. It is one of there research towers. They moved here from Mpanga forest after working from there for over 50 years. the Institute is funded by the world health Organisation.

The Zika Forest in Entebbe, Uganda

If you are looking to do research in Uganda especially the scientific one, this is the place to be. there are a lot of micro organs that you will be able to sample. This a good place for those planning research safaris. Why not visit it and see the nature that it has to offer.

The forest will make you enjoy help you release yourself from the urban life. You may choose to do a picnic here with a few friend or do a retreat by yourself as you listen to the sounds in the forest. This forest should be on your list during your safari in Uganda. Its not far away from Entebbe International Airport so if your flight arrives early you can choose to cool and relax from here to rleive yourself from the long journey especially if you are  light sleeper.

In addition to the nature, history and wildlife, Zika forest also has a very strong educational importance more so to student study classifications and not forgetting it’s ability to host breakthrough leisure travelers.

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