Zip lining in Mabira Uganda  : Zip lining in Uganda takes place in Mabira Forest – one of Uganda’s largest rainforest. Mabira forest is the center of a forest made up of numerous different tree species, both big and little, like the Mabira forest canopy, could a sport like zip lining be more enjoyable and adventurous?

The Mabira Forest is a rainforest area covering about 300 square kilometers in Uganda located in Buikwe District between Lugazi and Jinja. It is 59 kilometers from Kampala to Mabira, approximately a 1 hour 30 minutes’ drive by car. About 315 different bird species, including the Nahan’s francolin, Tit Hylia, yellow and grey long bills, and others, can be found in the forest. Mabira forest is a great place for birdwatching safaris.  Mammal species like baboons, bush bigs, fruit bats, blue duiker, and many others can be found in Mabira Forest. Mabira Forest is home to 312 different types of trees, including the well-known East African Mahogany tree species and several rare and endangered species like Cordia millenii, Malilia excelsa, and Warburgia ugandensis. For those looking for adventures, Mabira Forest has a lot to offer, including zip lining, it is worthwhile visiting.

Zip lining is an activity that involves riding a steel cable between two points while wearing a safety seat or a belt. Unlike other destinations, Mabira Forest provides you with an incredible zip line experience. Have you ever wished you could soar through the air like a bird or swing from tree to tree far above the earth like a monkey? Zip lining across Mabira Forest’s highest trees will allow you to do just that. You can get good views of the forest, see animals like monkeys and grey-cheeked mangabeys that hang out in the trees, and listen to different birds singing up there in Mabira Forest’s tallest trees.

Zip lining in Mabira Uganda 
Zip lining in Mabira Uganda

The zip line in Mabira has six cables, each 6 inches long and above the tall rainforest trees in the forest. The activity begins with climbing a tall tree to a built platform where you will find a guide to take you through the safety precautions before zip-lining the cable. The end of the spree of the zip line leads downwards to the ground where you are received by another guide to untie the gear.

On a daily between 8 am to 1 pm and 2 pm. and 6 pm, zip lining is conducted. This is especially true during dry seasons when there is less chance of rain interfering with your time spent up in the trees or on muddy terrain when hiking to the zip line starting point.

Is zip lining safe in Uganda?

Yes, the zip line system was made using international safety standards with imported climbing gears and art high ropes. At the beginning point of the zip line is a guide to take you through the safety precautions of the whole process, provide you with a helmet and make sure he/she fits your ropes and gears securely then sets you off.

The other guide is stationed at the end of the zip line where he/she unties your gears. The guides are competent at what they do because they are also good at convincing people who might be afraid to participate in the activity that it will not be dangerous or scary to do so. They guarantee the participants’ safety that some feel comfortable releasing their hands to deepen their delight. These guides are honest you can entrust them with your camera to take pictures as you go through the cables.

Griffin Falls is located on the edge of a vast trail system in the Mabira forest, Griffin falls are beautiful.

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