Kenya Safaris

These Kenya wildlife safaris and tour packages will take you to top national parks and game reserves for a premium game viewing experience in East Africa. Kenya’s Masai Mara is one of Africa’s wonders and ranks high among the world wonders. It is a top destination for Kenya safaris and home to different herds of wildlife including the cats (lions, leopards, and cheetahs) among others. Millions of tourists visit the country every year to witness the world renowned great wildebeest migration where millions of mixed wildlife cross the Mara River from Tanzania in search of fresh grazing pastures and this is where “action” happens during Kenya safaris! On the River, Zebras and other wildebeest take on the risk of crossing a highly crocodile infested River and the unlucky ones never make it on the greener side of life. To accelerate the adventure, lions and other carnivores are always setting traps for prey; once the migration is on, anyone on a safari in Kenya will not miss catching sight of a live kill as the lions thump and suck life out of their victims. What is more spectacle to an experience on your Kenya safari than the sight of a live kill?

Major highlights for Kenya safaris however include Masai Mara – arguably the world’s best game reserve especially so during the wildebeest migration when herds of wildlife traverse the plains as they graze and trek the savanna plains of Masai Mara, not forgetting the thrill of majestic big cats that call this wide open rolling grassland home. Imagine yourself drifting on a hot air balloon flight watching in wonder as the animals thunder past and the cats setting for prey; this Kenya safari experience is truly awesome and a memorable African safari experience in East Africa. What you ought to know is Kenya has long stood as a major safari holiday destination in Africa despite the recent security challenges and continues to grow as a tourist center for adventure and wildlife lovers. Choosing a safari in Kenya can be confusing as there is a whole lot more to explore and discover yet time is not always enough to key out all the highlights. Please browse through our Kenya wildlife safaris packages above and choose the best package that you believe will give you the best experience in Kenya. If you have any further requests, feel free to drop us a mail and we shall gladly tailor your holiday safari to suit your needs.