Kora National Park is located in the Eastern region of Kenya covering a total surface area of about 1,787 square kilometers. In addition, this national park was first gazetted as game reserve in 1973 and it was later established as a national park in 1990. More so, Kora National park is situated in the Tana River County and it is known to have been named after the Tana River, which flows through the park.

Kora national park is considered as a good destination for one to travel to while on their adventurous safari  due the fact that is seen as a remote area and an off beaten path destination which is dominated by physical features like the Adamson’s falls which is also commonly referred to as the Kora rapids. More so, these falls are known to have been named after George Adamson who is a renowned conservationist who worked and lived within the park for so many years. And the best time for tourists to visit this national park on their Kenya Wildlife safari is between months of January and March which is a dry season when happens to be less rainfalls and the grass vegetation is always short which helps individuals to capture classic views of the park.

Tourist Attractions in Kora National park.

Tourists should know that there are so many attractions, which can be found within the park, and some of these include;

  • Wildlife species because this game park is known as a diverse wildlife that is a home to both common and rare species which include; lions which are seen as the top predators found within the area, African elephants which are often spotted roaming around the park, cheetahs, Oryx which are characterized because of their long and pointed horns, giraffes which are tall and are usually spotted while feeding on acacia trees, cape buffalos which are herbivorous animals that are usually spotted within the woodlands and grasslands, lesser kudu which are sall and agile antelopes, grants gazelle that are medium in size and act as the prey to other animals like; lions and cheetahs, Baboon which are commonly spotted around the large troops, warthogs which are tough and pig like in shape and many others.
  • Birds: Kora national park is also a home to over 450 bird species that can be easily spotted around the park and some of these birds include; marital eagle, African fish eagle, vultures, ostriches, hornbills, king fisher’s bee-eaters and other water birds like; goliath heron, African skimmer, African pygmy goose, goliath heron among others. In addition, the best time to see these birds is during the dry season from June to October and they are easily spotted around Tana River.
  • The beautiful scenery of this national park also attracts many individuals because it is a semi-arid area, which ranges from the riverine forest and is surrounded with open woodlands, savannah grasslands, beautiful hills, rocky outcrops and the Adamson’s falls, which is considered as the main attraction in the park.
  • Tana River, which is considered as the main water source, found within the park for the people and the animals because they always go to the river to drink water and quench their thirst.

Activities done in Kora National park.

Exploring within Kora national park grants you chances to engage into many exciting activities where individuals create remarkable memories and have a great time. therefore, some of these include; hiking to the Adamson falls , game viewing where people are able to overlook at animals like; leopards, lions, buffalos among others, bird watching due to the fact that this park harbours many bird species, rock climbing which is always a thrilling experience  where they are able to enjoy the breath-taking landscapes  and the rocky outcrops which are also always available for one to climb, cultural encounters where they visit the neighbouring communities such as; Asako village, Kamaguru and Boka which are found within the eastern boundary of the park where they get chances to interact with the local people and get to learn more about their traditions, history and culture among others.

More so, tourists can opt to go for game drives where they get chances to see animals like; cheetahs, caracals, elephants, spotted hyenas, hippos, lions, cats among others.  They can also go for fishing which is best done at Tana River and many others.

 Where to stay Kora National park.

Kora National park has any comfortable accommodation facilities, which are always available for the guests and these lodging facilities range from; budget, mid-range and luxury. In addition, these lodging facilities include; Kinna guest house, Chui cottages, Meru guesthouse, kina guesthouse, Elsa’s Kopje lodge among others. More so, there camping sites which include; Ken Mara, Kampi Baridi, Rojoweru, Kanjoo among others.

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