Nairobi National park is located in the Southern region of Kenya and it is situated within a distance of about 7 kilometers and around 45 square miles from Nairobi standing at an elevated area between 5000-6000 and 1500-1800meters above the sea level. Nairobi national park is known to have been among the first game parks that was gazette as a game reserve on 16thDecember, 1946 and it was later established as a national park in 1963 with a main purpose of protecting all the wildlife species in the country. more so, this national park is dominated and surrounded by thick woods, valleys, rolling plains, stunning rivers, good vegetation cover, savannah grasslands, Acacia and thorny varieties such as; Cape chestnut, Muhuhu and many others which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species in the park. and Nairobi National park is recorded to be a home to over 100 mammal species that are always available in the park for tourists to see and among them they include the big five animals which are considered to among the top Kenya tourist attractions that include; Lions, Buffalos, Rhinos, Leopards and elephants. However, there are other animals like; zebras, antelopes, black rhinoceroses, giraffes, cheetahs, jackals and many others. Nairobi National park is also seen as the best birding destination due to the fact that it harbours around 500 bird species  whereby some of these birds are migratory birds which include; Lesser Kestrel, secretary birds, grey crowned crane, pallid harrier, marital eagle, sooty falcon, white-bellied bustard, parrots, guinea fowls, ostriches corncrake among others.

Tourist Attractions in Nairobi National park.

In Nairobi National park, there are so many attractions, which lead to many tourists to travel from all over many parts of the world with a main purpose of exploring around this game park, which helps them have a great adventurous safari. And some of these attractions include; Nairobi animal orphanage which considered to be a treatment and a rehabilitation centre for all the wild animals in the park therefore making it a great place for one to visit and see the animals even when not on game drives, walking trails at the hippo pools, ivory burning site monument which is known to be a landmark that symbolizes the conservation of the wildlife, kifaru Ark which has a major role of conserving all the rhinos and it is the most favourable place where tourists can be able to sight see large numbers of black rhinos, vegetation whereby the park has a vast tracts of open savannah grasslands, bird species such as; Abyssinian thrush, Jackson’s widowbird, Fischer’s lovebirds, Hartlaub’s bustard, white headed vulture among others.  more so, there wildlife animals due to the fact that Nairobi national park hosts around 100 mammal species, 90 rhinos, 39 lions, 40 amphibians and reptiles  and this park has a spectacular zebra and wildebeest migration and it famously known for its highest population of both the Southern white rhinos and the Eastern black rhinos.

Activities to do while exploring in Nairobi National park.

For tourists who get a chance to tour around around Nairobi National park are always blessed with great opportunities to engage in several activities such as; bird watching, wildlife viewing, game drives, guided nature walks, community visits, cultural encounters and many others where they always gain a new experience and create remarkable memories.

Best time to Visit Nairobi National park.

The dry season is considered the best time for tourists to plan to go on a safari in Nairobi National Park and this between months of July to October and from January to February. Due to the fact that July is known to have the lowest rainfall among the months in the year and August is considered the driest month in the country. therefore, this is considered to be the best time because it is during this period of time when there happens to be less rainfalls and short grass vegetation in the park which gives tourists chances to capture classic views of all the attractions in the park. However, tourists should note that there are still free to travel and visit at any time of the year.

Nairobi National park
Nairobi National park

Accommodation Facilities

Nairobi National park has so many accommodation facilities, which are always available for the guests who opt to have their stay within the park. However, these lodging facilities are categorized in different ranges such as; mid-range, budget and luxury hence giving an opportunity to guests to choose where to stay according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget, which helps them rest with, comfort. Therefore, some of these accommodation facilities include; Masai lodge, the Boma Nairobi, The Nairobi safari club, the panari hotel, Weston hotel, Bermuda gardens hotel, Ololo safari lodge, the Emakoko lodge, Eka hotel and many others.

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