Most Selling Safaris

Puzzled on which safari package to book for an adventure in the wilderness of Uganda? Above are just some of the most recommended / most selling Uganda safari packages that should guide you on the tour selection process. These safaris are the most booked in all settings (budget, mid-range and luxury) not only because they are popular but also because clients believe they will get the best experiences out of them, which they always do. Uganda has quite a broad list of tourism activities and each of these activities has something different to offer! Piling up these activities in an itinerary while considering the number of days a client is willing to spend is something else hence, not all days will reward you an exceptional experience in Uganda. As a matter of fact, the most common safaris in Uganda last for 3 days, 5 days, 7 days and 10 days irrespective of the destinations and activities included in each itinerary. Very few people opt for safaris that last more than 10 days due to a lot of factors like finances, which shouldn’t discourage you especially if you have the capability and finances to book such a trip because more days will definitely reward you more memorable moments of exploring Uganda.

Besides the popularity of the trips above, these packages are prepackaged with exceptional tourism activities and are designed to give you the best memories of a safari in Uganda. Transport is based on 4×4 safari vehicles with excellent lodging options and of course, not forgetting our pile of experienced and knowledgeable safari guides plus staff who won’t leave any question unanswered or wrongly answered. You will never know how interesting it is unless you get there! Browse through our tours above and inquire with us about the package you believe will reward you with the best safari experience in the pearl of Africa.