Rwanda Safaris

Why book our Rwanda safari tours?

Our affordable Rwanda Safaris allow for the discovery of this tiny country with amazing treasures – commonly referred to as the land of a thousand hills and recently, a million smiles; that is Rwanda! Our Rwanda gorilla tours grant the visitor a unique opportunity to travel and explore the mountains of Virunga for Mountain Gorilla trekking. We also have tours that will let you explore the lush montane forests of Nyungwe for chimpanzee tracking among other primates and a visit to Akagera national park for memorable wildlife tours. Lions and rhinos were reportedly introduced in this Savannah park in 2017. Visiting Rwanda is a great experience; from the lush green countryside and terraced hills to its beautiful, lovely and friendly people, it is indeed a great safari destination. Its small size comes as an advantage as it makes journeys more shorter and less tiring to a traveler which in turn makes safaris in Rwanda much cheaper and easier to undertake. If you are looking for the best Rwanda gorilla tour experiences or something new, then booking a Rwanda safari package is surely a great prospect to look forward to as there is more than one reason to visit.

Some of the most popular places you will visit while on your Rwanda safari include the genocide memorial monument, Gisenyi trails, Lake Kivu, Akagera National Park, Mount Karisimbi, Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park, Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village, Caplaki Crafts Village plus several more places. All these places have stunning activities and each having something diverse to offer! You can visit many of them in a day because the distance between these places isn’t so long considering the fact that Rwanda isn’t quite a big country. Besides tourism, the country is a very quiet, peaceful and organized country which is partially reason why most tourists have it on their travel bucket list. The hills, mountains and rich culture is definitely something worth having a sight of! This small country just has a lot to offer hence, you won’t hesitate visiting it. Please browse through some of our Rwanda safaris above to get started.