Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Planning to visit Uganda for gorilla safaris? Uganda gorilla safaris will give you the best experience of an encounter with mountain gorillas any day compared to the rest of the countries. Uganda not only slots up among the only three places for mountain gorilla trekking in the world but also turns out to be the best place for gorilla safaris in the world. People have long claimed the the Rwanda gorilla trekking experience is far better than the one of Uganda but is strongly disagree to this! In terms of distance it could be because you require a lot of driving time to access the respective national parks with mountain gorillas in Uganda compared to Rwanda. However, in terms of numbers, accommodation facilities and other services, Uganda turns out to be best destination for mountain gorilla trekking in the entire world.

Apparently, there are roughly 800 plus mountain gorillas left in the whole world with over half of that number being sheltered in the forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda and the rest roaming around the Virunga conservation area (Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda, Volcanoes National Park Rwanda & Virunga National Park Congo). What’s better that numbers? I know location greatly matters but seeing much is mountain gorillas is far rewarding, reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to opt for Uganda gorilla safaris. The wide range of accommodation facilities (budget, midrange & Luxury – Slumber) dispersed across various sectors of Bwindi Forest offers you variety to choose from. To be honest, Bwindi has the best accommodation facilities among the other three mountain gorilla trekking areas and you should try taking advantage of this. Accommodation options are very vital when it comes to a safari hence, you shouldn’t under estimate it. Book our Uganda gorilla safaris and enjoy huge discounts (over 50%) on luxury and mid-range safari lodges for the best experience. Browse through our Uganda gorilla safaris packages above or send us an inquiry below.