Kibale national park is a renowned destination for the best primate safaris in Uganda and, perhaps, Africa at large. Kibale national park shelters the biggest population of primates, both, in terms of the total number of primates and primate species on the African continent. Kibale national park is a home for 13 primate species with the chimpanzees being the best visited and marking and highlight on almost all the nature vistas in kibale national park.

Kibale national park

Kibale national park is also the richest ecosystem in the whole African continent. Kibale national park is a safe haven for the best nature’s secret which includes a wide population of wildlife ranging from wild plants such as natural tree species to big and small wild animal’s supplements with a huge flock of beautiful bird species. Kibale national park is a home of about over 340 species of birds, 14 recorded species of snakes and 200 butterfly species together with other insects, plus 27 species of frogs and toads recorded.

Wildlife of Kibale National Park

Kibale national park is a dream come true from all primatologists; the national park is well known for being the primate capital of the world or the world’s primate capital. The national park holds the lives of almost half of the world’s population of chimpanzees, about 1500 chimpanzees. Fortunately, as the chimpanzee population in other areas in Africa goes down, the kibale national park is still a blessing with a moderately growing population of chimpanzees, thanks to the Uganda wildlife authority and its chimpanzee conservation programs et cetera.

Besides the chimpanzees, the national park harbors another 12 species of primates including the monkeys and the nocturnal primates, plus baboons. Kibale national park acts as a refuge for the rapidly declining population of the l’hoest’s monkeys in east Africa and the rare red colobus monkeys. Kibale national park is a chance for you to see the beautiful black and white colobus monkeys, blue colobus monkeys, olive baboons and nocturnal primates such as the galagos, bush babies and the grey mangabeys among others.

It is not only the primates that roam the space of the national park; you are assured of a chance to sight other mammals in Kibale National Park during one of the nature walks. Other animals are not many but you can spot a few during the nature walks inside the forest, for example, elephants, bush pigs, bats, big and small rodents, giant forest hogs, antelopes, bushbucks, duikers, and the rare sitatunga antelopes can be found along the bigodi swamp walk in kibale national park among others.

Perhaps, the wide population of wild animals in kibale national park attributed to the fact that kibale national park is a wildlife corridor or a migratory route that connects parks in the south, such as Queen Elizabeth national park, to the parks in the north, such as Murchison falls national park. The national park is the most accessible protected area or national park in Uganda; the route to this national park are very much defined from Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park and from fort portal or Kasese.


There is not a thing to worry about because Kibale national park is dotted with a number of accommodation facilities ranging from luxury and lavish lodges and hotels to budget and standard bandas and campsite. Most of the accommodation facilities are found in the northern part of the national park. Other accommodation facilities are located in Fort portal town; it is the nearest big town to kibale national park, about 20km away. 

Around the Ndali Kasenda Crater Area, there are a number of lodging facilities. This is so because the craters provide beautiful relaxing scenery for tranquil accommodation facilities, for example, Ndali lodge, crater safari lodge, isunga lodge, Kyanninga lodge, Kibale forest lodge, chimps nest guest house among others. You can ask your travel agent to help you book for the best suiting accommodation in your travel budget or plan.

Activities in kibale national park

Your time in kibale national park can be rewarded by a number of interesting activities; however, chimpanzee trekking is the highlight of kibale national park safaris. You can also enjoy camping in kibale national park, the night nature walks are a real opportunity for you to see the night coming to life in the real jungle of kibale forest.

The crater lakes safaris are such fascinating activities in kibale national park. The crater trail in kibale national park is a real-life chance for you to enjoy the top of the world experience around the ndali Kasenda crater area in kibale national park. The crater lakes in the national park are associated with the most beautiful scenic views of the mountains of the moon and kibale forest. 

Birding is another activity done in kibale national park. Kibale national park is a home for over 300 species of very interesting bird species. Kibale national park is well known for being the birders’ paradise, 23 bird species are endemic and localizes to the Albertine rift valley. Other birds are migratory because they are mainly present in kibale national park during November and it is the best season for birding in kibale national park.

Other activities in kibale national park include, forest walks, forest tactics for children, chimpanzee habituation, cultural tours, community walks, swamp walks among others. With all the above, kibale national park has managed to keep its status as the best safari destination in Uganda and, perhaps, Africa as a whole.

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