Uganda Wildlife Safaris

Besides being an all year round destination for a safari, Uganda is definitely one of the best places in Africa for wildlife viewing hence, if you are planning a wildlife safari in Africa then you shouldn’t hesitate to list Uganda among your possible destinations. So what makes Uganda one of the best places for wildlife viewing in Africa? Besides the animals it harbors, Uganda has one of the finest national parks in Africa, Kidepo Valley National Park. It should be noted that in 2013 Cable News Network (CNN), named Kidepo the third best national park in Africa with Maasai Mara of Kenya coming in first and Kalahari Game Reserve of Botswana coming in second. Kidepo borders Masai Mara and has a number of wildlife species that can’t be spotted in every other respective national parks. Among these animals include cheetahs and ostriches.

Besides the virgin Kidepo Valley National Park, the two most popular wildlife destination in Uganda is Murchison Falls National Park followed by Queen Elizabeth National Park. Murchison Falls National Park is the largest and only national park in Uganda that harbors the big five animals (Elephants, Buffaloes, Rhinos, Lions and Leopards). This park is so far the most visited when it comes to wildlife viewing in Uganda and definitely carries or features most of the trip itineraries. A game drive in the Savannah plains of Murchison falls is a once in a lifetime opportunity especially if you cash in for a hot air ballooning activity. Queen Elizabeth National Park is another popular destination for Uganda wildlife safaris and is mainly known for harboring tree climbing lions in it’s wilderness of the Ishasha plains. It comes in as the second most visited wildlife destinations in Uganda but also features in most of the safari plans. Among these wildlife viewing places, Kidepo is the least visited because of it’s location and past. If you are planning a wildlife safari in Uganda then i suggest you book a safari to any of these destinations or combine all of them in a single itinerary if possible. The Uganda wildlife safaris experience is definitely way better than the Rwanda wildlife safaris experience!