Want to pay absolutely less for your safari in Rwanda or Uganda? We understand you may want a certain percentage of discount on your safari package and indeed we do offer discounts for some of our packages. Above are just some of them though group travelers receive the discounts more often. Discounted tours offer you a chance to enjoy your dream tours at very affordable prices that could get slashed the more depending on the numbers of people on your safari. Discounted gorilla trekking tours in Uganda are always available for the months of March, April, May and November which is a low season. The gorilla permits are discounted from the normal $600 fee all the way to $450 each which is approximately a 25% discount after quantification. The 25% discounts could go far higher depending on the dates booked for. In fact, it’s always recommended to let the tour operator decide a date for you so as to allow you claim huge discounts on both permits (for gorilla trekking tourists) and your general safari quotation.

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