Tour Kampala City Excursion. Kampala is the great capital for the Republic of Uganda, Exploring Kampala City is so incredible to most visitors especially the large local markets of Nakasero, Kibuye and Kasubi among other monuments that are of great history to the country and the world at large including Namugongo martyrs shrine, Gadhafi mosque, Buganda royal palace and Kabaka’s Lake among others.

Tour Kampala city

This tour Kampala city excursion starts with your Safari guide picking you up from your hotel or the airport on arrival. You then head out to either Kololo summit or to Tank Hill Muyenga for a “million dollar” panoramic view of Kampala city. Other than the map of Kampala that you may be holding in your hand at this point, the panoramic view is going to give you a “bird eyes’ view” clue of the direction and location of the places you will be checking out as you tour Kampala city. Top on the list of the places you will be checking out on this great city tour include;

  • Uganda Museum for an optimum exposure to Uganda’s history and culture. You will find remains of all the major animals and reptiles too
  • Kasubi Tombs- the burial grounds of the legendary Buganda Kingdom Kabaka (kings).
  • Makerere University- the first University in the country and the African symbol of education.
  • Namirembe and Lubaga cathedrals as well as the Old -Kampala mosque which are the “meeting corner of faiths and civilizations”.
  • Kampala business centre.
  • Check out the Bahai temple typically surrounded by beauty and tranquility. On your tour of the city, you will be able to sight some birds like the Marabou stork .You will definitely want to go back home with a souvenir from this beautiful country and so it’s important that you wind up your tour with a stop at one of the numerous souvenir markets within the city for your pick.
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