White Water Rafting Uganda Rafting Adventure. White Water Rafting Uganda Jinja River Nile Surfing, Full Day Rafting on the Nile. 31km

Uganda White Water Rafting Adventure Safari

River Nile rafting begins slowly and the first few kilometres offer the raft guides a chance to brief their crews fully on all aspects of Nile rafting. The young river dances into action at Bujagali Falls as if anxious to race to the thirsty deserts downstream and one major rapid follows swiftly after another for most of the morning. By the time the rafts drift toward Wakisi Island, a wholesome and inviting lunch is waiting eager consumers.

There is nothing quite like a morning surfing on the River Nile for whetting one’s appetite. Enjoy Succulent pineapples, giant avocadoes, crisp bell peppers and tasty carrots that are all organically grown in nearby villages. Fresh bread, roasted ham, salami and juicy tomatoes all combine wonderfully well to satisfy even the most gargantuan appetite from a morning of fresh air, wild water river Nile surfing, and caressing sunshine.

After a leisurely lunch on beautiful Wakisi Island, the water rafts enter wild waters Reserve which is a private conservation initiative started by Adrift Uganda to protect the unique flora and fauna of the mid-stream islands of the Nile River. There is more time between the rough water, but the rapids on the River Nile become larger, more spectacular, and engaging! A real life time adventure on the river Nile!

In Overtime rapid (when the Nilometre is reading above 10 cubits) the Adrift rafts leap over a 4.5 metre waterfall, race downstream to the ever surprising Retrospect then teeter hesitantly at The Bad Place. At Itanda, the young Nile gathers far too much power for our rafts and we are forced to portage around the top of the rapid on land and then contemplate the huge hole at the bottom.

Option 2: Half-day rafting.

You cannot afford to miss the rafting adventure experience even if you have less time at your disposal, the shorter trip finishes on the river at Wakisi Island (after lunch) returning to Kampala by approximately 3pm. More so, you can visit other places including an evening guided walk inside Mabira forest for birding and primate viewing. What a great adventure!

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