Nyakagezi Gorilla Family

Nyakagezi Gorilla Family is the only habituated gorilla family in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park that offers visitors a great chance to trek the great mountain gorillas in the wild. This gorilla family is comprised of 9 members ,4 silver backs,2 infants, 2 adult females, 1 juvenile. The dominant silverback is called Mark who took leadership from his father Bugingo, other members include Mathew and Mafia ‘’silverback, Nyiramwiza and Nshuti ‘’adult females’ ’Nkanda ‘’Juvenile’’ Mutagamba and Rukundo ‘’Infant’ ’The oldest silverback Bugingo is believed to be more than 54 years. The more fact about the Nyakagezi group is that Silverback Bugingo still lives in the group yet in most cases ,once the dormant silverback is banished seeks refuge from other gorilla groups .For example in Mubare group after Kanyonyi took over leadership from Ruhondeza and later he left the group and lived a solitary life till he died.

Facts about Nyakagezi Family

This gorilla family is the only habituated gorilla family found in Mgahinga gorilla national park that sits in southwestern part of Uganda, in the proud slopes of the three Virunga Volcanoes that includes the Sabyinyo, Muhabura and Gahinga. The Nyakagezi is a place where lots of food attractive to the gorillas can be found. In fact, is the easiest gorilla family to trek and quite interesting as they are feeding, nesting, relaxing and recreation.

Nyakagezi gorilla family is famously known for gorilla trekking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Therefore, it is comprised of 9 mountain gorillas that are easily identified by their names, including; Baby Rukundo, Nshuti, Nvuyekure, Mutagamba, Bugingo, Mark and Mathew. Before the group was headed by silverback Bugingo for some years but interestingly, Mark succeeded overthrow of his leadership.

Amazingly, Silverback Bugingo is more than 54 years now and still stays in the gorilla family something rarely seen in gorilla life. In general, any silverback gorilla that happens to be overthrown from the main family resorts to abandon the family like the case of Mubare gorilla group in the Buhoma region of Bwindi Impenetrable national park.

Trekking the Nyakagezi Gorilla Family

The Nyakagezi Gorilla Family had popularly migratory behavior across the Democratic Republic of Congo ‘’DRC’’ and Rwanda. Recently decided to settle in Mgahinga Gorilla National park in Uganda where visitors are assured of gorilla trekking experiences. Though the group is  mobile but is the easiest gorilla family to trek in Uganda because they live in areas of lower altitude and prefer a small home site for nesting ,feeding and relaxing because of food in abundance .The Nyakagezi gorilla group is worth gorilla trekking family in Uganda because of being the only trekking group with in the park that live together happily.

The group have been mobile for the last few years but since 2012 the gorilla family decided to settle within the Mgahinga Gorilla National park and the possibility of seeing these great apes stands to over 95% chances. Now it is easier to trek this gorilla group because they settle here permanently unlike they were always on the move. The number of tourists is increasing year by year to visit the park in order to trek this exciting group. Due to their unpredictable behaviors of this mountain gorillas, Nyakagezi gorilla permits have to be booked at the park headquarters in Ntebeko, per day UWA sells only 8 gorilla permits.

Visiting the Nyakagezi gorilla group shouldn’t be based only on trekking mountain gorillas but also an excitement place that is built around the most remarkable three Virunga Volcano summits, the gorge and view of flora. Indeed, you won’t regret taking gorilla safari to Uganda’s privileged remote national park. However, only 8 gorilla permits that are always available for tourists to trek the Nyakagezi gorilla family.

Apart from gorilla trekking in Nyakagezi group, visitors can engage in Golden monkey tracking because it is the only national park in Uganda where silver meets Gold such rewarding, visit the Batwa trail/people, do mountain hiking to Mt Sabyinyo, Mt Muhavura and Mgahinga.

Accessibility to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Travelers who are interested in visiting Mgahinga national park for gorilla trekking, you can choose to travel by road or by air. Nyakagezi gorilla family is positioned in Mgahinga gorilla national park and is the only gorilla family where visitors can trek mountain gorillas apart from Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable national park which offers with more than 21 families. By road transport from Kampala is approximately 9 to 10 hours’ drive to access the park.

Alternatively, you can choose to fly to Kisoro Airstrip by Aero link flights from Entebbe International Airport with scheduled or chartered flight which lasts 1:40 hours to land at the airstrip.

Where to stay

Trekking great mountain gorillas at Nyakagezi gorilla group has no worries because the park offers comfortable accommodation facilities around to enable your easy experience in Nyakagezi gorilla family such as Mount Gahinga lodge, Mgahinga safari Lodge, Mutanda Lake Resort among others.

Lastly, visit Mgahinga Gorilla National park and leave with quite unforgettable ultimate gorilla safari experiences in lifetime.

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