Wildlife Viewing safaris in Uganda; Wildlife viewing safari in Uganda is the most ultimate safari adventure to Pearl of Africa because Uganda boasts with many untouched protected National park under the protection of Uganda Wildlife Authority  a body that governs all Uganda National Parks and Reserves. More so, Uganda has bio-diversity of wildlife species, birds, attractions and offers scenic land scape. However, there are four national parks in Uganda that offers a great opportunity for wildlife drives; Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley and Lake Mburo National Park both can be access both by Air and Road transport.

 Murchison Falls National Park; Murchison Falls National Park is renowned as Uganda’s largest national park that boosts with range of the wildlife species estimating about 76 mammal species and 450 bird species among others. The park also attracts with one of the most powerful waterfall in the world ‘’Murchison Falls’’ that has attracted a lot of tourists to come sightsee this amazing tourist attraction. Murchison Falls National park is located in northwest approximately 4 to 5 hours drive and it covers an area of but 3,840 square kilometers that are inhabitant of wildlife species.

Animals in Murchison Falls National Park include; Giraffes ,Buffaloes ,Warthogs ,Waterbucks ,Oribs ,Jackson hartebeests , Bushbucks , Uganda kobs  ,hyenas  ,leopards among others .

Wildlife Viewing Safari ; However ,Murchison Falls National Park  has got several interesting Game drive tracks  such as ;Albert ,Victoria and Buligi  track  .They all  give  you a totally different experience since each is track is endowed with various eco-systems . Driver guides like Buligi track most  which 7 kilometers north of Paraa and one of the most commonly used tracks for game viewing.  Tracking around here  ,you can drive to Nyamsika gorge  a home to wide population of buffaloes ,lions and different bird species  can be spotted  around Nyamsika cliffs  birds like Egyptian plover and bee- eaters .Victoria track also a great tracking trail to spot  range of lions ,herds of buffaloes ,elephants and viewing of scenic land scape.

Wildlife Viewing Safaris in Uganda
Murchison Falls N.P

Scheduled time for game drive in Murchison Falls;

There are three sessions for game drive in Murchison Falls National Park ;the morning session starts early at 6:30 or 7AM –this is the best time to watch high concentration of animals before some returning back to their hide ,other game drive starts at 4:00PM.Morehen ,we recommend you to use comfortable  pop- up –roof in order to view  various species of animals.

Wildlife viewing in Murchison Falls national park will live you an unforgettable memory.

Queen Elizabeth National Park ;Queen Elizabeth national Park is Uganda’s most visited game park on Uganda wildlife viewing safaris  since it boosts with big fours mammals without  ‘’Rhinos’’  also hosts with over 95 mammal species ,more than 600 bird species  and is among the visited national parks on African Wild Safaris it’s because a home to unique tree climbing lions and other animals like African elephant , African buffalos ,Warthogs ,Water bucks , Leopard ,Spotted Hyenas ,Nile Crocodiles ,Giant forest hog ,Hippopotamus ,Topi ,Chimpanzee and lions among others . The park is the second biggest Uganda national parks estimating 1,978 square kilometers   that inhabits a lot of wildlife species. Queen Elizabeth national park is located in southwestern region of Uganda, approximately 5 to 6 hours from Kampala –Capital city to main destination. There are three session of wildlife viewing in the park.

Maramangambo forest a great location within the park to spot primate species such as ; Chimpanzee ,L’hoest ,Red- tailed ,Vervet ,Blue Monkeys ,Baboon ,Black and white colobus , as well as nocturnal species like Bush baby and pottos species among others.

Birds in Queen Elizabeth NP

 The park hosts over 600 bird species   and some of the species to view in Queen Elizabeth include; Corncrakes ,Greater Flamingo ,Papyrus Canary ,Pink-backed pelicans ,White Naped  pigeons , Martial Eagle , Gabon and Slender –tailed Nightjars , Grey-capped warbler , White-winged Terns , Sedge Warbler ,Black-headed Gonolek, Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl ,African Skimmer , Malachite and pied kingfishers among others.

Wildlife Viewing in Queen Elizabeth

Mweya peninsular located within the park that reaches a narrow isthmus dividing Lake Edward and Kazinga Channel where you can enjoy rewarding view in all direction.

 Along here, you can enjoy Channel track and Leopard loop that leads you to memorable encounter of range of wildlife like leopards, Giant forest hog among others.

Wildlife Viewing Safaris in Uganda
Wildlife Viewing in Queen Elizabeth

Boat trip on Kazinga Channel also provides marvelous game viewing of elephant, hippos, Buffalos and a wide variety of waterbirds.

There is also game track around the Kazinga Channel where you can be able to drive through open grassland and scrubby thickets and requires you to drive slowly and look carefully as you have a wonderful view of various mammal species.

Kasenyi Plains

This is one of the best spotting area in the Queen Elizabeth national park that ranks the most beautiful grasslands that inhabits diversity of animals. Through here, takes you to Queen’s pavilions where you will be able stand nearby crater rim which was built to hosts a visit by British Queen Mother in 1959. Drive to the Equator then crosses the main Kasese road which runs between Kasenyi and the crater areas.  However, Kasenyi plains is positioned east of the Kasese highway with open grassland and gives clear view of magnificent Rwenzori back drop.

 Kyambura Gorge

 This is a great location to see the unique great apes –Chimpanzee tracking experience and seeing of other primate’s species.

Ishasha Sector

 This is a remote sector that lies in the extreme of south of Queen Elizabeth, adjoining the Virunga National Park that is found on the opposite side of the Ishasha River in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

 Ishasha sector a home to a superb variety of animals having opportunity of viewing unique tree lions while hanging on tree branches of the fig trees and acacia tree among others. Visit Queen Elizabeth one of the top safari destination in Uganda to have the best family holiday safaris a place worth a visit.

 Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley national park; Kidepo Valley National Park is untouched safari destination which is located in the rugged, semi and valleys between Uganda’s border with South Sudan in the north west and 5 kilometers to the eastern side. More then, the park was gazette into a national park in 1962 and is home to over 75 mammal species and over 470 bird species. Kidepo Valley national park is located in the northeast region of Uganda which can easily be reached by flight from Entebbe International Airport by the domestic flight Aerolink Uganda, Fly Uganda that takes 1:30 hours. Then when you choose to drive there it takes a full day drive which causes tiresome in the body.

Wildlife animals to view in Kidepo Valley

Animals includes; Black-backed and Side –backed Jackal, Elephants, Zebra, Bush pigs, Buffalo, Oribis, Lion, Leopards, Spotted Hyenas, Rothschild Giraffes among others. There are several viewing wonderful areas to adventure wildlife species; The best wildlife viewing is Narus Valley   that lies in the southern area of the park and also semi-arid grass area in the northern Kidepo Valley.

Kidepo game viewing is best during day time or night game viewing to see nocturnal bird species.

Night game drive, you can be able to view animals species like Reedbuck , Cheetahs ,Guenther’s dik-dik  not forgetting the predators like African bush ,Lion ,Leopards , among others ,all you need is to be escorted by the guides while holding a strong lightening touch to brings out clear animals and all you need is open your eyes widely to see around.

Nights and day game drive, you require to book your own ranger guide who knows well Kidepo Valley’s terrain ,wildlife habits thus providing a great sighting of wild species.

You’re often requires 4WD cars with an open roof for easy and clear view of the landscape and their wildlife species.

Wildlife Viewing Safaris in Uganda
Wildlife Viewing in Kidepo

Lake Mburo National park

 Lake Mburo national park is the smallest Uganda Nation park, a great destination to view variety of antelope species such as Zebras ,impalas ,topi ,bush bush Buffaloes ,Warthog, leopards ,hynes and Jackal and since there are no elephants and lions thus making it an ideal place for walking safaris. The park is located in western region of Uganda king few driving kilometers away from Kampala.

Bird species in Lake Mburo national park

Bird species includes; Greater painted –snipe, Papyrus yellow warbler, Mosque swallow ,  Blue –breasted kingfisher , Bare –faced go-away bird , Brown-chested lapwing ,Hairy-breasted barbet ,Yellow –rumped tinker bird , White-winged swamp warbler ,Tabora Cisticola , Southern ground hornbill Shoebill Red-faced barbet among others .

 Best time to visit Uganda on Wildlife Viewing Safaris;

 The best time to enjoy Uganda Wildlife Viewing safaris is during dry season which starts from June to September and December to February.

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